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Apostate West

Selected articles

The Sons of Man and The Sons of God
The False Antichrist
The Prophets of the New Age
How does Orthodoxy differ from the western denominations/
Let the “miracles” begin !
Let the “miracles” begin (continued) – The Pentecost Movement
Google Zeitgeist, Social Justice and Orthodoxy
Let us prepare for the last war against Christianity
Europe is dying, Christ is alive
What started in Russia will end in America
The Communist States of America
“The Third Antichrist”
The West as a complete anti-christian culture
Welcome to the new, universal church of all religions
Pope Francis, The Jesuits, Chilianism and Liberation Theology
Is Pope Francis laying the groundwork for a one world religion ?
“The Bible” – an invitation to “Change the World”
Who is the devil in “The Bible”
“The Age of the Holy Spirit”

The destruction of the West

The mark of the beast, collective sin and the disavowal of Christ
Can you even recognize the West?
Trans-humanism and Nano-technology
Obamacare – the real story !
Obamacare – leaving you no way out !
Intense preparations for the promised “generated crisis”
Who is science serving today ?
And again, who is science serving today ?
About gay marriage … and more
What are the origins of Communism ?
Was Euro designed to fail ?
Bitcoin – the currency of the new financial order ?
Everything is rigged (and no, the Illuminati are not amateurs) !
Boston bombings black-ops
They have sold their souls to the devil