Disclaimer: In some of our articles, especially under the Modern Issues section, we present readers with challenging issues to examine, reflect upon and research. The material is neither supported nor rejected by us, and no one is responsible for its content, other than the original source. Therefore readers are requested not to make any complaints, but to take time to reflect on the material from an Orthodox perspective.


“Orthodox Australia Missionary Society” welcomes the work of “independent contributors” who seek to offer their gifts for the glory of God and out of love for their neighbors. Those who are approved  “independent contributors” may offer to our Society things such as written texts, photos, videos, webpages, youtube channels and similar things. When such an offering is received, it may or may not become the property of the “Orthodox Australia Missionary Society” depending on the nature of the agreement reached with “individual independent contributors”.

Unless otherwise stated all such offerings will de facto remain the property of the “independent contributor” with the Society being free to use them. However, in certain cases, and by fixed agreement, our “Orthodox Australia Missionary Society” may assume ownership of what is freely offered. This “assumed ownership” occurs only by mutual agreement and may be recognized in the form of some written text stating such is the case. In the cases of websites, youtube channels and online videos we ask that such statements be publicly posted (in the appropriate online locations) acknowledging “what has been offered to our Society in the form of ownership”. In situations such as these, the “independent contributor” may, of course continue to use such offerings as he or she may see fit – but ownership will belong  to our “Orthodox Australia Missionary Society” which reserves the right (which is proper to ownership) of solely deciding what, if any, “alterations, removals of material, cessation of web pages (including youtube channels and other online videos), and deletions” are allowable.

This being said, the “Orthodox Australia Missionary Society”  bears no responsibility for the content of the material being offered, nor does it always review such material. Our Society likewise respects the creative independence of “independent contributors”, while abiding by what is to be properly observed when something “is offered and received” as per the “nature of the agreement” as mentioned above.