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A New Martyr DIMITRII of the Communist yoke

Fr Hermans FatherFr Herman and Bishop AverkyWe are greatly indebted to Vyacheslav Marchenko for providing the above rare photograph.

This is a photograph of the Father of the late Abbott Herman of Platina. A New Martyr DIMITRII of the Communist yoke. This is the man for whom the young son so pinned for in his youth. As Abbott Herman would often say to us, that he was a product of fatherlessness.A trait which affects many youths of today, because their biological fathers are not in love with Christ, and therefore can not pass on to their children the love of God.

Often it leads to years of searching for a meaning to their life.

The future Abbott Herman with God’s grace, fell to the Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville NY, USA, as a novice, to be picked up by two saints, the Abbott Averky and a fellow seminarian who later became Archimandrite Vladimir.

The photo on the right shows a happy future Abbott Herman, as seminarian Gleb. Abbott Arverky is in the centre and the future Archimandrite Vladimir on the left.

Men like these, and shortly thereafter, Holy Hierarch John Maximovitch, became Fr Herman’s fathers.

In a brilliant recent secular research book titled “Fatherless America”, the author David Blankenhorn, rightly concludes that fatherlessness leads to boys with guns and girls with babies,