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Stop spraying us!

http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/major-geoengineering-billboard-goes-up-in-the-city-of-rohnert-park-on-us-hwy-101/ The ongoing effort to sound the alarm continues to gain momentum. The most prominent billboard in the city of Rohnert Park on the major US 101 freeway now features the most recent GeoengineeringWatch.org awareness message. As the climate system continues to disintegrate, the ongoing illegal global geoengineering programs of omnicide are becoming ever more

Mr Putin believes Global Warming is a fraud

Again we can see a timid but positive sign coming out of Kremlin. Mr Putin has publicly denounced global warming as fraud, which may put Russia on the path of not signing the upcoming UN Climate resolution scheduled for December in Paris. http://www.infowars.com/putin-anthropogenic-climate-change-is-a-geostrategic-weapon/ While the position falls short of damasking the entire conspiracy and weather

The 750 page weather modification program document everyone needs to know about

http://usawatchdog.com/uncovered-government-docs-prove-chemtrails-real-dane-wigington/ By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Lead researcher Dane Wigington for the global climate engineering informational website, GeoengineeringWatch.org, says newly discovered U.S. government documents prove global climate manipulation, commonly referred to as chemtrails, is real. Not only that, but the document, that originated in the U.S. Senate, also proves weather manipulation has been going on around

When madness and science become one …

Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/massive-us-senate-document-on-national-and-global-weather-modification/ Also, a big scandal erupts in France after meteorologist unmasks the fraud of “climate change”. “Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and urged them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts”. In other words, “you say it, we

Why Tony Abbot had to go!

A little more insight has surfaced on why Tony Abbot had to go … Besides his opposition to the adoption of gay marriage, he also dared question the quality of Australia’s Bureau of Meteoroly’s temperature data set and global warming propaganda … it appears it had been manipulated, just like it was revealed to be

Geoengineering and the collapse of The Earth

The so called “climate change” is “man-made”, but not by us, who they would like to blame …

The Setup

For the Vatican and all of the world’s political heavy-weights to rally behind the agenda of fighting climate change, they must know something big is coming. They expect a huge support for their new initiative, their new doctrine of faith, but still, by the way things look today, it seems a little hard to achieve

The New, Spiritual, Communist Manifesto

To this subject we dedicated many articles in the past, but the recent developments are starting to reveal in more detail how the spiritualized form of the coming global communism is going to look like, just as foretold by many our Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy, and reiterated by Blessed Fathers Herman Podmoshensky and Seraphim Rose

Vatican silence climate skeptics at UN papal summit

“But before he could finish the conference hosts interrupted to ask which organisation he worked for, then directed the microphone to a more tame questioner, while a security guard came over to mutter in Morano’s ear “You have to control yourself or you will be escorted out of here.”” http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/04/28/vatican-heavies-silence-climate-heretics-at-un-papal-summit/ There is nothing really more

The greatest scientific lie in human history

Science today only serves the purpose of pushing a hidden worldwide communist agenda, as we have tried to show in many articles we posted on the subject throughout time. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/globalwarming/11395516/The-fiddling-with-temperature-data-is-the-biggest-science-scandal-ever.html And they themselves admit it, only if we had ears to hear. Look at what the start-trek-character look-alike UN climate chief said (the way she

The pope declares war on climate change skeptics

The Christian Communist (Marxist) agenda is just about to take the fight of subduing every soul to the red beast of the apocalypse to unprecedented levels. On these subject we wrote numerous articles and are therefore going to leave it to you, our dear reader, to look them up for more information. Hardly a few

Chemtrails – The Secret War !

Scientist breaks silence, terrified about what he has helped create! “Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University in the UK told the media recently that he’s “terrified” by many of the geoengineering projects currently in the works to thwart man-made climate change, a phenomenon being hawked as an excuse for weather modification programs by many in

BRICS and the worldwide Communist agenda

With Russia making decisive moves away from the dollar system and closer to full BRICS integration, it is time to take a quick look at what BRICS really is. The West-East chess game is nothing more than the fulfillment of the Zionist long established plan of creating a worldwide money crisis, moving away from the

Weather Warfare

Climate change? Maybe. Maybe not! It is all in the open if we have eyes to see. This is on mainstream media … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c0KgMW3IoY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH_EgDHOf2c The Dragon of The Apocalypse is at work, trying to deceive the whole world … http://orthodoxaustralia.org/2013/11/14/the-dragon-of-the-apocalypse/

Worldwide communist forces start gagging scientists

Because the truth behind the fake science of climate change is hurting the power elite who is trying to sell us to the worldwide communist beast, they decided it is time to gag everyone. We guess going forward science is only acceptable if it serves the coming antichrist ! If anyone still “believes” the West

BRICS and the Dragon of the Apocalypse

11. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”. 12. “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly

The Dragon of the Apocalypse

The last book of the Bible, St John’s Revelation (also known as the Apocalypse of St John), talks about unimaginable disasters to be occurring at the end of times. One of them has just happened in the Phillipines that was hit by the strongest typhoon ever recorded. What is the world we currently live in

World News – Nov 2nd 2013 – The Beast Rising

The beast that has been slowly revealed is now in full view and is ready to start the persecutions. All is required is the one event that sets it in motion. Everything is ready for the lock-down to be put in place. Keith Alexander, the NSA director, wants the media to be stopped: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/10/nsa-chief-alexander-wants-media-stop-making-nsa-look-bad/70375/ The

World News – Aug 15th 2013 – not much time left !

Is Obama A Tyrant? A very interesting question which seems to fit in nicely with our theory about the plan being devised for the world Washington Times and John McCain – trying to sell more propaganda for you to buy the global awakening movement story. Just like we pointed out in a recent article. Hidden

Who is science serving today ?

Every day we learn of more “scientific facts” that seem to “prove” that everything God created is wrong and leads to the destruction of the Earth. For quite a while now, we have been bombarded with studies that climate change is a man made disaster (no mention of climate manipulation and geo-engineering), that man is

Dubious science !

St Seraphim Rose showed so clearly in his book “Genesis, Creation and Early Man” how the science of his times (so easily embracing the theory of evolution) was hijacked to serve specific interests and agendas ! Today, with all the geo-engineering experiments (HAARP, Chemtrails, ClimateGate etc) it is so much more obvious who the science