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World News – Aug 15th 2013 – not much time left !

Is Obama A Tyrant? A very interesting question which seems to fit in nicely with our theory about the plan being devised for the world

Washington Times and John McCain – trying to sell more propaganda for you to buy the global awakening movement story. Just like we pointed out in a recent article.

Hidden in Obamacare – “Forced” Home Inspections

Hindenburg Omen Strikes Again – Biggest Cluster On Record. Hindenburg Omen is one scary financial market indicator that has historically very accurately foretold market crashes

Gold Gone? Germany baffled as Fed bars access to bullion

International Investors Dump $40.8 Billion in Treasuries, the Most Ever

John Kerry: Obama Will Act on Climate Change Without Congressional Approval

John Kerry leading the next crusade – the fight to safeguard God’s creation. Smart strategy – create a problem (through chemtrails and geo-engineering) and then come as a saviour – this is in fact the same pattern by which the mystery of iniquity and lawlessness (and the antichrist) is being revealed to the world – deceive in order to fool.

US Court declares Bitcoin a real currency. Therefore we are going to ask again – what is the real story behind Bitcoin?

Hidden Secrets of Money – a short documentary

Glenn Beck – dire warnings – we pay special attention to what Glenn Beck has to say because he is an insider and also part of the “global awakening movement” (as we detailed in other parts of the website)

Fukushima – in state of emergency

Lindsey Williams was right – the biggest purchaser of real estate in America is the FED – and the reason was to make everyone a renter to the elite

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