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The Big Picture

So where should we start? There is so much to say ! Just look around us ! How much has the world changed in the last few years? A lot !

The first signs surfaced, as expected, in the Church ! The Church, the Orthodox Church, is the most sensible barometer for the health of spiritual life of individual people, as well as nations, and first signs are to be sought there. This has been a long process that started with the 1054 schism of the catholic church from the body of the Orthodox Church and the result was what you can clearly see today. But against all these difficulties, the Orthodox Church survived.

In the early 20th century though, out of a long period of humanism and “illumination” nourished in the apostate west, finally the product arrives: a fully emancipated man, who thinks that he does not need God and everything can be done by his own rationing and will. The result is devastating. Out of this luciferian attitude comes violent overturn of God anointed rulers, regimes are overturned, monarchies are replaced with democracy. In other words, the whole order left by God as a model for social and political organizing here on earth, that was following the model of the Church where Christ is the head, has been beheaded ! And oh, democracy – we will be covering this subject somewhere else in this blog, rest assured !

So out of this “process” come the “fruits” – the birth of 2 opposing systems that are meant to represent the good and evil: capitalism and communism :). The communism, the red beast as called in the Apocalypse of St John the Theologian, starts to persecute the true Orthodox Church in the east. The already fallen apostate west gets the Capitalism – the ultimate form of the worshiping of the material world ! Different means – same result !

We can see what the consequences for the Orthodox World in the east were – complete war against the Church of Christ, millions of martyrs, persecutions like never before, but what is worse is the beginning of corruption from inside the Orthodox Church based on the same model of the apostate Rome – changing of doctrines and dogmas – starting with the calendar and ending with ecumenism – where most of the Orthodox world today accept the catholic church mysteries as valid and it considers it a “sister church”.

In the west, things are even more sinister – because the evil manifests in a much more subtle way ! Where in the east the Orthodox could easily identify the enemy, in the west the persecution works in a different way: it is the enslavement of the man to the material world !

And that brings us to today:

  • What is happening in the Orthodox Church – we shall try to find answers to see what the exact state is and what is expected to happen in the near future
  • Where is the west going? The answer, as we may show, is a much darker place than the communism ! And it all starts with America, because America is the ultimate symbol of the west, the ultimate symbol of materialism – taken to the farthermost extreme ! As you will notice, we will focus a lot of attention to what is happening in America today

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