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Why spreading the true Orthodox message is important

frs-herman-and-seraphimOrthodox Australia tries to fill a gap in understanding current world events in the right context of orthodox teachings of the Holy Fathers as opposed to fashionable interpretations of the end times offered by various evangelical, protestant, catholic or other modernistic so called “churches”.

Please keep us in your prayers that our Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Mother and all the Saints will help us in our endeavor.

This is no easy task, especially that the world is now preparing for the arrival of the charismatic world leader that will “solve” all of humanity’s problems. But, in order achieve this, these problems have to be created first ! Everything that we see happening around us today is part of this plan – to prepare the path for the antihrist, his servants are hard at work today !

Blessed Seraphim Rose wrote extensively, back in the 70’s and 80’s, about where the world was headed emphasizing on the dangers facing our faith in the years to come – and here we are – 30 some year later and everything is so much more obvious !IMG_0066

We, as Orthodox Christians, seeing the sword coming (as described in Ezekiel 33), have to warn the others ! This duty is best expressed by the words of St Basil The Great when he said (ep. 92):

Unknown to the fevered Orthodox “revivalists,” the Lord has reserved in the world, even as in the days of Elijah the Prophet, seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal [Rom. 11:4] — an unknown number of true 0rthodox Christians who are neither spiritually dead, as the 0rthodox “charismatics” complain that their flocks have been, nor the pompously “spirit-filled,” as these same flocks become under “charismatic” suggestion. They are not carried away by the movement of apostasy nor by any false “awakening,” but continue rooted in the holy and saving Faith of Holy Orthodoxy in the tradition the Holy Fathers have handed down to them, watching the signs of the times and traveling the narrow path to salvation. St Seraphim Rose

Vital in understanding these difficult times is Fr Herman Podmoshensky’s and Fr Seraphim Rose’s “Orthodox Survival Course”, a rare and most valued orthodox resource, which we made available in our Ennobling Literature section. Fr Herman and Fr Seraphim taught this course in the 70’s at the Platina monastery. Fr Herman continued to teach it until 1998 and Fr Damascene Christensen traveled the world presenting it to various groups. As a result many were converted to Orthodoxy.

It is later than you think. The Mystery of Iniquity and Lawlessness is being revealed to the world, right before our eyes. Can we see it?

A Protestant’s Walk Through An Orthodox Church