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Official letter sent to Victorian premier Dan Andrews on July 2nd 2020

Dear Mr Andrews, I am writing you to express my grave concerns about the political situation created in the name of a common cold somehow designated by this government a “pandemic”. I don’t have time to elaborate in full, but i can develop much more on this subject in a public hearing which i am

Appeal to the Australian Parliament to allow us to have our voices heard

(this appeal has been sent to the Australian Parliament and MP Michael Sukkar on Sunday May 24th 2020) Dear Sir/Madam, The mainstream media continues to try to label us conspiracy theorist and devise plans to do so, but they continually avoid the real questions raised by us and some other orthodox people. Like the agenda

Trump’s “trade deal” – the IMF takeover of the financial system is confirmed !

The wording is very broad and lacking of specific details. There will be a lot of “regulations” each country will have to implement. It appears most of the details of the implementation of the agreement were left out and what was agreed on is that the two parties will work together to coordinate implementation. How

The “New Social Contract”

With the “unexpected” ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States of America, it may be time to continue our line of thought on the Heresy of Social Gospel. The mainstream media and the press would like us to believe that Mr Trump phenomena was the result of a random act of

Epilogue …

http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/51206 Here is what Mr Putin has just said, as published on the Kremlin’s website: “I have always liked communist and socialist ideas. If we consider the Code of the Builder of Communism that was widely published in the Soviet Union, it strongly resembles the Bible. This is not a joke; it was actually an excerpt from the Bible. It spoke of good things: equality, fraternity, happiness. However, the practical

The fulfilment of St Paisios’ prophecy

Having witnessed the crisis between Russia and Turkey escalate dramatically, we are now getting another important development towards fulfilling St Paisios’ prophecy about the war Turkey will start with Greece and Russia. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-29/greek-prime-minister-joins-diplomatic-scandal-between-russia-and-turkey-4-tweets The only sign left to occur is the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, which according to the prophecy, shall shortly precede

WWIII emergency alert

Alex Jones summarizes very well how critical the situation in Syria has become. Turkey’s hypocrisy and deception have been exposed, the lies of the West are being revealed. The world is preparing to receive yet another brutal dictator, “the third antichrist”. They will say this dictator will be the antichrist himself – and this will the biggest deception yet.

US marine blows open the truth on Syria and the West

This is a must see. It blows wide open the deception people are forced to buy by the mainstream media in the West.

Federal Reserve to hold emergency meeting on Monday

This sounds a bit reminiscent of the emergency meeting they held during “Lehman Brothers” “events”. The reason they give for their “closed” meeting seems to be just dust in the eyes: http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/the-feds-expedited-closed-meeting-is-pure-kabuki-theatre/ So something else must be happening here. If we were to speculate we would say it may be related to COMEX running out

What if?

ISIS has proven to be a misterious group which nobody has clearly defined yet. Much credible speculation has been around for quite some time that it was the CIA who were behind it. Looking back starting from the Benghazi scandal, which many linked to the covert operations of arming the middle east rebels, to the

The Paris terror attacks and the battle of Armageddon

Over the course of one weekend, a horible set of terrorist attacks occur in Paris and by Monday France launches heavy airstrikes in Syria based on “accurate US intelligence”. We hope and pray that the intelligence is indeed accurate. As it has been the case with all acts of terrorism since 9-11, there is already

Has the communist insurrection started in Romania?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colectiv_nightclub_fire Here we go, another false flag meant to mobilize all people to unity in face of iniquity and corruption, this time in an Orthodox country. In many previous articles we have shown how a communist revolutionary movement was forming on the background of the increasing social injustices due to iniquity (which is being revealed

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

This is the “slogan” that best characterizes today’s politics everywhere. For a moment we dared to hope! We dared to hope because Russia seemed to turn course and start to oppose the advance of lawlessness. Our hopes today are suffering a setback again. It is hard to understand why Russia would adopt such a strategy.

China’s golden move

For years we have heard stories about China buying astronomical amounts of gold outside of public eye, while the West has sold all of its stash, and even sold what they did not have! Having seen the common immediate result of every recent “democratic revolution” conducted subversively by the US in the form of national gold reserved

These are the arms parachuted by America to the rebels forces!

Finally the deception has come out in the open. The mystery of who is behind ISIS can not be covered any longer. America’s true face has been shown to the world. Watch and see what sort of damage their weapons can deliver. So let us ask, who are the real terrorists, is it not the

When madness and science become one …

Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/massive-us-senate-document-on-national-and-global-weather-modification/ Also, a big scandal erupts in France after meteorologist unmasks the fraud of “climate change”. “Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and urged them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts”. In other words, “you say it, we

The World’s New Hero

Over the course of the last few years we have strived to show you, our dear reader, how the efforts were increasingly being made to buid the image of a new, “Orthodox” world leader who would rise on the background of the iniquities of the West. Here we are now, with everyone acknowledging Mr Putin

Nero fiddled while Rome burned …

That is not Orthodox – exceptional sermon by Fr Thomas Robert Frisby – how to be Ortho-dox and not Ortho-cops

Why Tony Abbot had to go!

A little more insight has surfaced on why Tony Abbot had to go … Besides his opposition to the adoption of gay marriage, he also dared question the quality of Australia’s Bureau of Meteoroly’s temperature data set and global warming propaganda … it appears it had been manipulated, just like it was revealed to be

The Volkswagen Scandal – The End of Capitalism

Just in time to support Pope’s case against capitalism and the “man-made” environmental catastrophe and climate change – the VW polution scandal erupts – so big that numerous analysts are saying it may mean the end of the company. On top of that we now hear BMW may have been doing the same thing! “The

The Pope, New York, and the U.N.

With The Pope heading to America to speak in front of the US Congress, the UN assembly, and the whole World for the first time in history, trying to promote his new “social gospel” (the new doctrine of universal justice of which our website presented much information about), it is appropriate to recall one of

Why has the Legionary Movement been outlawed by the Romanian political authorities?

The truth about the ”anti-legionary law”, entered into force in Romania: a totalitarian law which legitimizes the sentences of the “People’s Courts” from the Stalinist-Bolshevik era On Thursday, June 24, 2015, the Chamber of Deputies passed the Law no. 217/2015, amending and supplementing the Government Emergency Ordinance no.31/2002 on the ban of organizations and symbols

We are being censored !

It has been brought out to our attention that orthodoxaustralia.org is currently being filtered out from emails, public and private institutions internet, and search engine results. Emails containing links to our website will most likely not reach the intended recipients, and also emails we send out from our domain do not reach their destinations either.

The Mark Faber interview everyone must see!

Who gets the last laugh? Listen and it will not be very hard to figure out. The mainstream media has been misleading you all this time and understanding the truth is indeed frightening.

A thought on the current market situation

Things appear to have started to move towards a new financial crisis, as we expected. Chinese markets have seen devastating drops for the last few days. Yet today, Aug 25, the western markets seem to have started to shrug off the worries, despite fresh loses in China where the markets fell again by 7.6%. They