Disclaimer: In some of our articles, especially under the Modern Issues section, we present readers with challenging issues to examine, reflect upon and research. The material is neither supported nor rejected by us, and no one is responsible for its content, other than the original source. Therefore readers are requested not to make any complaints, but to take time to reflect on the material from an Orthodox perspective.

We are being censored !

It has been brought out to our attention that orthodoxaustralia.org is currently being filtered out from emails, public and private institutions internet, and search engine results. Emails containing links to our website will most likely not reach the intended recipients, and also emails we send out from our domain do not reach their destinations either. It appears we are being purposely targeted and censored. When sending emails, please do not paste links inside, but rather instruct the recipients in words to come and visit our website. We still seem to be receiving incoming emails.

There are also many hack attempts which we automatically log, detect and block based on the IP addresses.

Given the hostile circumstances, in order to help our readers spread the information on our website easier, we have now made it possible to download all our articles in PDF format for storage, sharing and offline reading. Each article can also be downloaded in PDF format using an icon at the bottom.

Download all articles from 01-Mar-2013 to 05-Sep-2015 here

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