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Glorifying Crafts

In a world that is rapidly heading towards making everyone a dependent on the system, is it still possible to go back towards self-reliance and maybe even having a respectable occupation, one that does not mean compromising, in order to survive these perilous times, and even be able to give out a helping hand to others as well? Contrary to the wisdom of this world which says science and medicine as the only answer to man’s contemporary challenges, there are still ways an Orthodox Christian can reconnect with God’s wisdom, sometimes in humblingly simple ways.

Of the most important issues, finding alternative treatments to various ailments probably ranks highest amongst them. It is commonly know that the antibiotics are loosing their efficacity, and bacteria, as well as viruses, are becoming increasingly resistant to modern treatments. There are known alternative remedies like using colloidal silver and colloidal gold as very effective treatments against a wide range of ailments. Find out more here.