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Official letter sent to Victorian premier Dan Andrews on July 2nd 2020

Dear Mr Andrews, I am writing you to express my grave concerns about the political situation created in the name of a common cold somehow designated by this government a “pandemic”. I don’t have time to elaborate in full, but i can develop much more on this subject in a public hearing which i am

God as a “set of moral values”?

As we have been suspecting all along, the MP have reduced God to a “set of moral values and ideals”. Consequently they can now boldly claim that “the Soviet Union was based on a Christian moral paradigm”. No wonder the mission of the church had to be perverted to declare social causes as the primary

Appeal to the Australian Parliament to allow us to have our voices heard

(this appeal has been sent to the Australian Parliament and MP Michael Sukkar on Sunday May 24th 2020) Dear Sir/Madam, The mainstream media continues to try to label us conspiracy theorist and devise plans to do so, but they continually avoid the real questions raised by us and some other orthodox people. Like the agenda

The worldwide glorification of communist ideals

Are people paying attention? Because this falls straight in line with what we have been saying for a long time. Alexandr Dugin and others (Patriarch Kirill, President Putin etc) have been promoting the narrative that the “West is the kingdom of Antichrist” for years. Of course that’s just to distract the attention towards a fake

The Samaritan woman and the “Church Organization”

The struggle against the idea of “Church as an Organization” is today just as difficult (if not even more difficult) as it was then. In 2000 years of Christianity nothing has changed, the True Church, The Catacomb Church is still very much denied today as it was back then. In the Gospel of the Samaritan


By Vladimir Moss (2010) Foreword: This is most important read because it shows how what we have been saying for a long time, the perversion of the Gospel and replacing it with a new doctrine: Liberation Theology and Social Gospel, has progressed to the point we are at now. We said that Crete was the

Trump’s “trade deal” – the IMF takeover of the financial system is confirmed !

The wording is very broad and lacking of specific details. There will be a lot of “regulations” each country will have to implement. It appears most of the details of the implementation of the agreement were left out and what was agreed on is that the two parties will work together to coordinate implementation. How

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s

Matthew 22-19 to 21 “Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. And he saith unto them, whose is this image and superscription. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” Back then the money were bearing the image of the Caesar,

Trump, cryptocurrencies and the sinking of the Titanic (the current financial system)

A very interesting article ! The rise of blockchain and the sinking of the “Titanic”, on the background of Trump’s rising to power … Get it? Titanic is the current financial system while Blockchain is … “The Final Phase of the Protestant Reformation and Jesuit Counter-Reformation” More: “All of this aligns with the rise of

The Heresy of Arianism in Modern Day Russia

If you have been following us, by now you will probably have become accustomed with our view that the current Russian political and religious authorities are astute adherents of the heresy of Social Gospel, which are just the old communist ideals repackaged, despite claims that “communism fell in 1989”. We exposed much of how these

The Origins and Implementation of the Heresy of Social Gospel

We have been writing much about this heresy of Social Gospel here on this website, in our old group on Facebook and still continuing to expose it in our new Facebook group. We have focused mainly on presenting the characteristics of this heresy, but let us explore a little into the origins of this heresy

The False Prophet !

Elder Athanasios Mitilinaios said this about “the false prophet”: “…this person appears joyous, full of optimism and smiles. He promises freedom, material abundance, peace, wonderful social life, ecumenicity, or one happy world community…”. He promises the same things the social gospel seeks after! A gospel that has now received synodal acceptance within our Church. In

“It is coming”, “it is happening”, “it is here”

“It is coming”, “It is happening”, “It is here” … The digitization of everything, including YOUR identity “is here”. You will be nothing but a code somewhere on a blockchain, linked to everything else related to you, your “money”, your “assets”, your health information etc. The “perfect” system of Antichrist “is here”. You can hear

Religious and Political Leaders Sign New Document For Inter-Confessional Cooperation To “Make The World a Better Place”

The “New Mission of the Church” is being implemented full force ahead. This is indeed a new and strange gospel – it may be argued that such nonsense sets the stage for the manifestation of, and acceptance of the Antichrist, more than any and all of the heresies of the past 2000 years. This is

Orthodox Christians in the kingdom of the Antichrist

By GREGORY BISTRITA·SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019 (https://www.facebook.com/notes/gregory-bistrita/orthodox-christians-in-the-kingdom-of-the-antichrist/469251980318745/) (Recent historical examples of how ALL Orthodox Christians MUST live at the end of days) Sergius Denisov’s (pictured on the left) son Gregory (pictured on the right) describes their life in the kingdom of the Red Antichrist: “There was already no church to go to because the priests

Fr Seraphim Rose: The Cry of the New Martyrs

Life on earth is given to man in order to acquire the Holy Spirit. To do this one must learn also to distinguish the worship of the true Spirit of God from the counterfeit spirit, the spirit of this world whose prince is satan, the enemy of God. The whole earthly happiness of man consists

Apocalyptic Orthodoxy: the revelations of Fr. Nicetas Lekhan

“Now [apocalytptic] things and events are opening up to us, as it were, in a bright light. How? And this great mystery is revealed to us while reading the Revelation of St. John the Divine. It says: “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them” (Rev. 13:7).


Notice which country is still standing up to God’s Law. No wonder it’s being propagandized as the world’s axis of evil & being blamed for all the horrors of the world. It won’t be long before a new visitation of the Three Holy Angels (who visited Sodom and Gomorrah), in the form of a right

The Evolution of Social Doctrines and the Antichrist

The “evolution” of social agendas in Russia starting with the 17th century, and really getting the big boost after the communist takeover of Russia. This (the first link) is a good article documenting the progress of this cancer of Orthodoxy that in recent years has got to take center stage in the Church itself, culmination

Fr Seraphim Rose on achieving “happiness” on Earth

Some 40 years ago Fr Seraphim Rose was writing: “There was a particular philosopher in China in the late nineteenth century who brought this philosophy to its logical conclusion, as far as it could go. His name is K’ang Yu-Wei (1858-1927). He’s not particularly interesting except as he incarnates this philosophy of the age, this

Blockchain – the enslavement system of Antichrist

Lecture held at St Herman of Alaska Missionary Church Melbourne Australia (22/9 July 2018) Audio lecture Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mu65id5u5mt697w/20180722_133528.mp3 (note: there are some elements in the summary that are not covered in the lecture, as well as some topics in the lecture that are not in the summary. please check out both)   Summary The

Psalm 21 foretells the supernatural birth of Christ

Psalm 21 foretells the supernatural birth of Christ, in which the Mother of God was virgin before birth, remained virgin during birth and continued to be a virgin after birth. As the Psalm indicates, God the Father “took” God the Son “out of the womb”. The Psalm does not say that “my mother gave birth

A bizarre legal battle for the legacy of Fr Arsenie Boca

It is indeed bizarre. A fight between a Church that has lost her soul after Crete and the babylonian EU, over the legacy of a saint that prophesied that both tragedies would happen: the falling away of the Church, and the destruction coming from the west through their loyal traitors in Romania (who he called

Peter “The Rock”

Mathews 16:16-18 16. Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” 17. Jesus answered and said to him, Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. 18. And I also say to you that

Thirthy year peace after the big war?

Here is another way one can look at this. I am not saying that what I am about to say is the correct interpretation, I am just saying maybe the correct interpretation has somehow slipped through and nobody noticed (just like nobody noticed the betrayal in the Missions Document in Crete). I am just trying