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Orthodox Prophecy vs. Orthodox Common Sense (Orthodox Worldview)

I touched on this subject before, but i feel like i have to reiterate it. The purpose of a Christian life is to acquire that “Orthodox Common Sense” (the presence of the Holy Spirit) in our lives. Thus this needs to be our main focus. If we start to over-rely on fulfillment of certain prophecies as our main guidance (which prophecies will happen, make no mistake), we are defeating the purpose of having a Christian life in the first place. In most instances prophecies are not understood until after they are fulfilled and trying to discern “how far we are from this prophecy to fulfill or that prophecy to fulfill” is the incorrect Christian attitude that presents no spiritual benefits for the soul. Centering one’s spiritual life on a worldview based solely on examining prophecies is in fact anti-Orthodox.

The Orthodox Common Sense on the other hand, can in fact offer practical guidance to conducting our day-to-day struggles and spiritual warfare and prepares us in all respects to confront what’s coming ahead.

Trying to chase anyone who can “shed light on prophecies” rather than focusing on the above is in fact searching for “gurus” and not really seeking true Orthodox understanding.

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