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ROCOR in Desperate Search of an Identity

(an article by Fr Andrew Phillips of orthodoxengland.org.uk) Orthodox Australia Editor Note: I pray that now, seeing what they are being asked to support in Russia, some may find it wise to “reconsider” this unholy union into which ROCOR were hijacked. I am surprised this was published on Orthodox England website. A few years ago

Orthodox Prophecy vs. Orthodox Common Sense (Orthodox Worldview)

I touched on this subject before, but i feel like i have to reiterate it. The purpose of a Christian life is to acquire that “Orthodox Common Sense” (the presence of the Holy Spirit) in our lives. Thus this needs to be our main focus. If we start to over-rely on fulfillment of certain prophecies


(please note comments after certain verses) Is there a parable in the Gospel that applies better to the current situation in the world, when today, the learned of the law (the pharisees of old) have courted with the rich and the powerful of the world, and when caught choose to dig in their heels even

The Samaritan woman and the “Church Organization”

The struggle against the idea of “Church as an Organization” is today just as difficult (if not even more difficult) as it was then. In 2000 years of Christianity nothing has changed, the True Church, The Catacomb Church is still very much denied today as it was back then. In the Gospel of the Samaritan

In Memory of our Blessed Metropolitan Paul Saliba

This photograph is his Eminence Metropolitan Paul (Saliba). He passed away to the Lord about three days ago. Aged about 78. He was the bishop for Australia & most of the Southern Hemisphere Churches under Antioch. Forgive me for not being too precise. No doubt details will be in a booklet which the Antiochian Archdiocese

An Edifying Reply To One Of The Fruitless Three Stooges, Who Recently Took Upon Themselves To Judge And Condemn The 60-Year Productive Work Of The St Herman Of Alaska Monastery In Platina

Consequently attacking its Australian outreach as well. Who the heck are you mr Curley. Or is it the Jewish Larry or Moe of the three stooges fame? Did you know any of these people from Platina you so brazenly judge. Did you live, walk, talk, work or pray with any of the Platina Fathers? Or

The Life of Sotirios Katakouzinos – a True Warrior for Christ

(to be updated) Dedicated to Sotirios Katakouzinos , who reposed in the Lord today, Monday 5/12/2016, at 3:20 pm After a mighty battle with his chronic illness of thalassaemia and a heart which strived for the Kingdom of Heaven. He was a clandestine member of the Orthodox Australia Missionary Society. With fervent love he would

Christ is risen!

When they condemned You based on false accusations I was there, testifying against Thee. They paid me to do it and I accepted. Then i rushed outside joining the crowd, screaming “crucify Him”! When i saw You crushed under the heavy Cross i did not want to help, instead i held a whip in my

Christ is born !

The Magi searched and found Christ. Today, each one of us, Orthodox Christians, are still striving to find Christ, inside the cave of our hearts, away from the eyes of the preying world, just like Christ was born away from the eyes of the apostate world of that time, as shown by His birth in

Merry Christmas

We would like to say a Merry Christmas to all our Orthodox readers that celebrate the Nativity feast today. May Christ, Who was born into the World today, show each one of us the path to our own salvation guiding us just as the star showed the Three Magi the path towards finding the True