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An Edifying Reply To One Of The Fruitless Three Stooges, Who Recently Took Upon Themselves To Judge And Condemn The 60-Year Productive Work Of The St Herman Of Alaska Monastery In Platina

Consequently attacking its Australian outreach as well.

Who the heck are you mr Curley. Or is it the Jewish Larry or Moe of the three stooges fame? Did you know any of these people from Platina you so brazenly judge. Did you live, walk, talk, work or pray with any of the Platina Fathers? Or are you out of frustration of not finding Orthodox fame, now set out to destroy the Godly work they have done where no rust, nor moth nor your pathetic attacks can harm. What fruit will you show the Lord when you are called to give account.?

Did you ever drive a Holy man on a 3000 mile missionary journey through the heart of Australia. Did you ever print even one Orthodox article worth reading? Did you crawl on your belly loaded with 100 pounds of Orthodox literature in Russian, during the height of the Cold War, trying not to be spotted by boarder guards ordered to shoot on sight. It was after all, the only true Orthodox material feeding the starving Russian populace, sick to death of the Serg ianist line.

As for the so-called pedophilia, had I not saved the young American patsy that was about to fall to his death at St Borovsky- Pathnuty monastery in Russia, you would not have even heard of how in Russia it’s a sign of upmost masculinity to hug and kiss a man. It’s an insult not to. Men assess each other’s trustworthiness and love through this act and it in no way represents a sexual deviation as it does in the West, where even a pat on the back can now lead you to incrimination. Yes one patsy, berlay out of his teens, was found (by whom we can only surmise, but a high-level, USA, quasi-government, “security” agency on the model of the past KGB, would not be out of question), to try to destroy the work and people associated with Platina Monastery.

Failing to discredit their work, they resort to the only weapon left against a monastic. Bring an accusation of womanising as happened to St Theophan the Recluse, or, in more modern ways, lie that you were seduced. The whole thing is a farce and we witnessed it from the front seats. That’s how far the West has now tumbled.

Let’s pray and hope that the final solution, murder, never becomes an option as it has in many True Orthodox places recently (eg Georgia). Or should we say assassination, expedient for the national security of the New world order. After all, only Orthodoxy represents a true danger to the New World Order, as only it can rightly assess the true state of things.

You would do good Mr Larry with your supporting buddies, to have a deep analysis of the dangerous game you play. To study some of the lives of the Holy Fathers, to begin a life of True prayer, which so obviously indicates that you have non & start bringing forth fruit for Christ before your earthly life expires in vain.

Most of all, several tones of repentance & confession would not go astray. Who by the way is your spiritual father? Yourself? In either case I would be searching for a God-bearing Elder right now, at any expense. Let them tell you through the prophetic gifts given to them, what you are dealing with & just per chance they may give you a bearable path out of your predicament. Russia, Romania & Serbia are fall of them if you know wherewithal to look & have the stamina to wait in the frozen queues for ten days or so, as do the genuine pilgrims who travel thousands of kilometres just to kiss their holy hands and be kissed and hugged like real men.

And oh one more thing. You would do well to throw off your football associations, a sure time waster and as St Barsenophius of Optina called the trick of the devil.

You would also do good to disassociate yourself from the false vladica, who having lost one theological fight with Bl Fr Seraphim in the 1980s, then another one with Abbott Hieromonk Herman, now seeks out suckers to fight new fights on his behalf, whilst pushing the heresies of evolution, Big Bang etc, himself not being qualified neither mathematically nor in physics to hold his own, without a huge dose of cynicism, platitudes, criticism, an attitude of “I know better”and rhetoric beyond the comprehension of most young Orthodox fledglings today, who leave even higher institutions of learning without ever coming to the knowledge of the Truth.


Editor’s note:

People out there who hear a message that is presented to them know if it is genuine or not by the weight of the truth and understanding of the world events it presents in an Orthodox context. Many tried to break the (sometimes very thin throughout various points in history) golden chain of sanctity – the main mechanism of preserving the Orthodox truth. Their only tools to fight truth is to slander the messengers, or even murder them in some cases. I pray that those who trully seek the truth will look beyond such attempts.

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