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The worldwide glorification of communist ideals

Are people paying attention? Because this falls straight in line with what we have been saying for a long time. Alexandr Dugin and others (Patriarch Kirill, President Putin etc) have been promoting the narrative that the “West is the kingdom of Antichrist” for years. Of course that’s just to distract the attention towards a fake antichrist (the West), because the real antichrist comes to promote the refreshed communist ideals as adopted at the synod in Crete and various local synods (MP) and offer the world a new gospel (Social Gospel) of liberation from under the yoke of the “satanic western elites”. Thus this narrative that “defeating the Nazis was defeating the antichrist” comes to prefigure what is to come … the “final victory” over the West … (watch video below)

In light of this, it’s easy to predict where things go from here. Trump has been ideologically close to Russia’s new orthodox ideals because him and his administration (see Bannon for example) share the same world view: that of Rene Guenon. We showed that on many occasions in the past. Although the liberals won’t find a physical connection to Russia, there is a spiritual one (and the whole saga of Russiagate is meant to whitewash Kremlin). The “spiritual connection” is the return to a “traditional society” and “traditional values” as defined by Rene Guenon.

So Trump is working to “liberate us” while the whole web of the liberals’ iniquities is being exposed. Trump will release the tool of our “liberation”: BLOCKCHAIN. Then he is overcome, the liberals take over and impose their version of the NWO. Meanwhile the “liberation” movement gains ground throughout the world and in the end the liberator comes that destroys the liberal world and declares victory, with a “liberated world” cheering …


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