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Official letter sent to Victorian premier Dan Andrews on July 2nd 2020

Dear Mr Andrews,

I am writing you to express my grave concerns about the political situation created in the name of a common cold somehow designated by this government a “pandemic”.

I don’t have time to elaborate in full, but i can develop much more on this subject in a public hearing which i am hereby requesting. In short, my primary concern was what looks to me to be a much bigger agenda of bringing about a digital id for every person on earth under the guise of this pandemic which will be used as pretext to force mass vaccinations and issuance of “digital certificates”. Naturally these digital certificates will require a “digital id”. Of course the bigger picture is also the switchover to an exclusively digital financial system based on blockchain technology.
I have been alerting my friends on facebook and elsewhere FOR YEARS that the governments around the world have been pursuing a relentless propaganda to push everyone in into debt in a so called “global debt prison” through massive debt entrapment and then bring about a crisis to implode the current financial system and erect a new one. I also have been warning that then people would be “transitioned” from the current corrupt system into this new system “in an orderly fashion”, and that they would label this new system as “just and equitable”, and i am afraid people will be left with no choice to reject such system since most will be coerced to accept it due to all having become “debt slaves”.

I have been pointing out that this new blockchain based system appeared to be ready at least a couple of years ago. I have highlighted that the Australian government has even signed a 5 year agreement with IBM to implement this “digital transformation”, and i have also stated that i was looking for a crisis (like COVID) to start the “digital enrollment”. Of course this current so called pandemic offers the governments the perfect opportunity to push this digital agenda in a seemingly unsuspecting way to the population at large.

Of course the mainstream media out there would not listen to voices like mine, and would rather label us all “conspiracy theorists” on a “en-gros” basis, yet I hope the day comes when i will be allowed to make my case in a public way because the evidence i presented throughout the years IS OVERWHELMING.

We already see, in your own words, and in the words of the Federal Government, the coming together of a tyrannical system and the methods it is using to push its agenda: “first using the carrot, then the stick”.


My concerns are growing even bigger now with the latest push to “test everyone”, even against their will, noting the fierce vilification in media of those who resist these tyrannical communist-style attempts. Again i must ask, is this testing campaign meant to create a record for every citizen with information to be used as part of their digital health record, linked to everyone’s digital identity? Is this system going in the direction of locking people into this digital id system outside of which one won’t be able to “exist” in the “new economy” and new “new society”? Or is it a “dry-run” for the bigger agenda ahead?

The Australian government has tried to stealthily push the population into accepting various forms of this digital dictatorship like “Health ID” before. Is this so called pandemic now being pushed to finally force everyone in because on a voluntary basis many people would reject this digital enrollment?

And if i may ask, who’s money are you daring to waste? Our money? Were we ever asked if we agreed to be dug under and buried in debt?


Is your government involved in implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy to OVERLOAD AND COLLAPSE the current financial system (and bring about a new digital blockchain based one instead) as i have mentioned before? Are you aware of these concerns people have?
If somehow you are not aware what coronavirus crisis is really about, or at least what it looks to some of us to be, let’s go back a few good years and remember what was their (the communists’) devised strategy to bring down Capitalism and America : OVERLOADING THE SYSTEM. All for the greater cause of bringing about universal communism, social justice, equality etc. And BTW, “never let a good crisis go to waste”, and “if you don’t have a crisis, manufacture one” !


Are you aware that people have real concerns that this system that you are covertly forcing through has all the hallmarks of the slavery system of antichrist and many Orthodox Christians are left with no choice but to reject it, yet you will allow absolutely no voice like ours to be heard?
Are you also aware about the machinations of international financial elites like Bill Gates who after openly promoting depopulation agendas and forced vaccination, dare to come out again, terrorizing the world, having the audacity to yet again threaten us with a new virus that “will get people’s attention this time”, yet you stand ready to persecute the little people like us for daring to oppose any of your measures?


Many of us lived under communism, and can smell communism a mile away. Many communist regimes came to persecute the true believers throughout time, and this time is no different. I have much, much more to say and a lot more evidence to present. It has all been documented under my facebook account throughout the years.

Best regards,
Radu Blebea


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