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Appeal to the Australian Parliament to allow us to have our voices heard

(this appeal has been sent to the Australian Parliament and MP Michael Sukkar on Sunday May 24th 2020)

Dear Sir/Madam,

The mainstream media continues to try to label us conspiracy theorist and devise plans to do so, but they continually avoid the real questions raised by us and some other orthodox people. Like the agenda behind blockchain, digital IDs, nanoparticles, gene editing etc. They just throw at us some hearsay chatter they catch on Facebook and they expect to convince us they won the argument. Until they seriously bring one of us in to have a real public discussion about things, they are going to do us no justice, but they will continue on the same Soviet style propaganda.

I have been documenting my real concerns on Facebook for years, since really there is no hope any of the puppet media outlets would ever address these concerns.

Here i am appealing again to mainstream media, politicians, the Australian Senate. I challenge you to bring me in and have a real public discussion about these important matters, beyond what mainstream media is just using – the confusing chatter out there that has little basis on theological grounds or real facts. I have documented in detail over many years the real problems and concerns.

I did it before, i did ask the Australian Senate to allow me to present my arguments, with the cash ban legislation. I submitted my input to the Australian Senate inquiry, briefly mentioning my concerns and asked them to contact me for a true testimony. So far … Nothing.

I wonder how long you, or they – the mainstream media – are going to ignore calls to a real debate, not just sell their misguided propaganda. Still waiting …

Please see this particular media article that has pointed me to yet again contact you.



I have yet again sent an email request to the Australian Parliament to allow us to have our voices heard. Here is the…

Posted by Radu Blebea on Saturday, 23 May 2020
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