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Alternative Medical Treatments

Colloidal Siver

Historically colloidal silver has been used for thousand of years to treat various infectious diseases, well before antibiotics were ever discovered. Silver is effective against very much any sort of infection, bacterial or viral, and these microscopic organisms can not develop resistance to it. Before refrigerators were invented, people used to put a silver coin in their milk which would stay fresh for days at room temperature. Many of us may not even know the custom of throwing silver coins in water fountains was not originally a superstition, but a very effective way to sterilize the water source so it could be used safely. The royals, or blue-bloods, were known for their increased immunity in times of plagues and pandemics, a fact attributed to their use of silverware.

How to make colloidal siver

We use 3 volt DC source and leave the electrolysis process go for about 20 hours. Using a lower voltage over a longer period of time helps achieve a very small silver particles solution (nano silver).

Colloidal Gold

As opposed to colloidal silver, colloidal gold is not used to treat infectious diseases. Rather it is used to optimize the function of almost every internal organ and gland. Taken regularly, colloidal gold helps with better nerve function (improves the transmission of electrical signals – in fact it has been proven the IQ of a person goes up by 30% on average soon after starting using it). Historically gold has been used as an effective treatment for depression, and recent studies show it is one of the most effective ways of fighting cancer and other serious conditions.

How to make colloidal gold

In making the solution we recommend again using a lower voltage. We use 12 volts. The process takes a little longer, approximately two hours instead of half an hour, but we believe this helps achieve a better quality colloidal suspension. The solution slowly turns red-purple.