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The fulfilment of St Paisios’ prophecy

Having witnessed the crisis between Russia and Turkey escalate dramatically, we are now getting another important development towards fulfilling St Paisios’ prophecy about the war Turkey will start with Greece and Russia.


The only sign left to occur is the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, which according to the prophecy, shall shortly precede the war breakout.

One can hardly make any sense of these developments, now involving Greece. Why would Tsipras sound so provocative? The news come barely a few days after the same Greek PM openly expressed support for Israel in a historic move:


The prophecy says the Mosque of Omar shall be destroyed to make room for the coming “third” temple of Solomon, where the antichrist shall be crowned in Jerusalem.

Coincidences? Maybe or maybe not, but it is hard to look at these developments and not think they are efforts towards establishing Magog, the place of self exaltation.

To us it is starting to look a little like an artificial crisis, one in which those who are trying to push it over the edge seem to be runing out of ingenuity or ideas.

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