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The World’s New Hero

Over the course of the last few years we have strived to show you, our dear reader, how the efforts were increasingly being made to buid the image of a new, “Orthodox” world leader who would rise on the background of the iniquities of the West. Here we are now, with everyone acknowledging Mr Putin has come to save the world from under the yoke of the West’s lawlessness. We have tried to show how Moscow has been tempted with the status of “the New World Leaders”, a proposition they have now accepted.


So successful these efforts have been, that this is what is being “overheared” at the Pentagon nowadays:

“Right now, we are Putin’s prison bitch.”


The days of the Earthly Glory of World Orthodoxy are right ahead, and the preparations for the “Holy Synod” to consecrate it are now in full swing. What else can we say at this point?

The times ahead are frightening for the prospects of True Orthodoxy, but despair not, for this is how it was meant to be: the way Christianity started is the way it ends: in the catacombs. We must now prepare, hide and pray untill lawlessness has passed and Russia is indeed trully restored once more before the end, even as a much smaller country. Then the final deceiver shall emerge …

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