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A thought on the current market situation

Things appear to have started to move towards a new financial crisis, as we expected. Chinese markets have seen devastating drops for the last few days. Yet today, Aug 25, the western markets seem to have started to shrug off the worries, despite fresh loses in China where the markets fell again by 7.6%. They are trying to give the impression that the troubles in China can be ignored as they were China’s only. A false sense that the West is not that worried is gaining momentum. This is just a strategy to gain some time to try to get their act together, behind the scenes. The plunge-protection-teams, together with the corrupt media, seem to have launched one last coordinated effort to try to convince you that everything  is fine.

This strategy may work for a few weeks at best …

All they want is for the “smart money” to completely exit the markets while the fools are being left behind:


What seems they don’t want you to see is that China has started massive dumping of US treasuries to try to free up liquidity so much in need of right now:


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