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Why Tony Abbot had to go!

A little more insight has surfaced on why Tony Abbot had to go … Besides his opposition to the adoption of gay marriage, he also dared question the quality of Australia’s Bureau of Meteoroly’s temperature data set and global warming propaganda … it appears it had been manipulated, just like it was revealed to be on a global scale a few years ago at Copenhagen by the Climategate scandal that derailed UN’s adoption of carbon-tax schemes worldwide at that time …

Given the new UN’s worldwide agenda set in motion by the Pope himself (who also promised to personally get involved and assist with its implementation), that sort of challange is something that cannot be tolerated any longer. By December of this year, when the UN meets again in Paris for a fresh attempt to push for the adoption of a global Climate Change resolution, all opposition has to be quelled. Another failure like that in Copenhagen is unacceptable.

This sort of situation is the best argument for why the political model of a True Christian society is the Orthodox Monarchy. An Orthodox Monarch can not be toppeled this easily if he stood in the way of a specific agenda. That is why all Christian monarchies had to be destroyed through revolutions by force, clearing the way before the lawlessness could take over the whole world. Orthodoxy no longer is under the protection of an Orthodox Monarch anywhere, and therefore it has been possible to weaken Her and make Her politically correct to the point it only still confesses the truth in a very few low-level places, that are also currently under attack …


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