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What if?

ISIS has proven to be a misterious group which nobody has clearly defined yet. Much credible speculation has been around for quite some time that it was the CIA who were behind it. Looking back starting from the Benghazi scandal, which many linked to the covert operations of arming the middle east rebels, to the entire phony war against ISIS conducted by the US administration, to the indisputable arguments brought forth suggesting that Mr Obama is a muslim, one may start to think the unthinkable. What if the real head of the ISIS is Mr Obama, acting as Emperor Palpatine, orchestrating everything from behind the scenes?



The ISIS coverup goes to the highest levels of government in the US, including the Pentagon:



Having considered all these facts, it appears we have a real candidate for the title of “the third antichrist” as we have been warning all along.

The recent alliance between Russia and France in fighting ISIS seems to suggest that Russia is still considering the main threat to be ISIS, and whomever is against this “common enemy” is on the right side. Even China has recently joined into this “common cause”. UK and Germany may also join in soon. With major western nations joining on Russia’s side, it appears the noose is starting to tighten on the real perpetrators. Behind the whole ISIS is of course not just one person, but an entire financial structure that supports it, providing big money, but are they ever going to be revealed?


How long are things going to be able to be kept hidden before the world has a rude awakening? What is going to happen then if this supposition turns out to be proven true some day in the near future, and the whole world wakes up to the reality of having been deceived so badly?

The unity in face of iniquity is take shape …

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