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The Volkswagen Scandal – The End of Capitalism

Just in time to support Pope’s case against capitalism and the “man-made” environmental catastrophe and climate change – the VW polution scandal erupts – so big that numerous analysts are saying it may mean the end of the company. On top of that we now hear BMW may have been doing the same thing!

“The nitrogen oxide that came out of the Passat was in fact 20 times more than the baseline levels permitted by the California Air Resources Board … on top of giant fines, the company has set aside a staggering $10 billion for rectification work and compensation claims, but that figure could rise and economic experts warn the catastrophe could be bigger than Greece. In total, it may cost the company $77 billion …”


” … reports in German press that BMW emission tests for their X3 model could show worse results than that of the Volkswagen Passat …”. Watch how the BMW boss collapsed on stage just last week in a bizarre incident in which he looked like he was pushed down by some invisible force – unrelated? – very unikely!


Earlier in the week there were rumors that a major financial event in Germany may be imminent, with Deutche Bank an important part of it  … (remember, Deutsche Bank is the most leveraged bank in the world !)


What could this mean? The end of Germany, the end of Europe, the end of everything! And what would that mean? Chaos! No more money for Europe, bailouts, Greece … everything starts to unravel, and all due to greed – just in time to make Pope’s case before the U.N. !

What makes it even more ominous is all of a sudden CEOs of some of the big banks are falling ill 🙂 Earlier in the year we had Jamie Diamon of JP Morgan found to have throat cancer … and now the Goldman Sachs CEO is found to have lymphoma. What a convenient way to make your way to the exits …


Also, Janet Yellen faltered and required medical attention during her last speech, and could hardly put two words together. These people look tormented by some invisible force … What is happening?



This may very well be the beginning of the end of freedom, whatever is left. They will come out and say “sorry, no more freedom for you, you cannot be let unsupervised, your uncontrolled greed has led to this catastrophe”

Just as predicted … and the economic collapse seems to now be underway …

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