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World News – Nov 2nd 2013 – The Beast Rising

The beast that has been slowly revealed is now in full view and is ready to start the persecutions. All is required is the one event that sets it in motion. Everything is ready for the lock-down to be put in place.

Keith Alexander, the NSA director, wants the media to be stopped:

The same NSA chief says phone records were swept up as part of a NATO defense program (in other words in the entire West):

David Cameron, UK’s prime minister also declares war on the press. It is interesting how “The Guardian” is one of the main targets David Cameron is focusing on (which is of course part of the same plan of creating a “controlled resistance” movement we talked about):

But who is really going to be the target? BBC has the answer: conspiracy theorists! If you are an Orthodox Christian you are a conspiracy theorist by definition, because you believe the devil exists, that these are the end times and that the restraint holding satan bound has been lifted and he is now in the world conspiring (together with his minions) to destroy it:

In order to achieve the goal of quelling opposition, FCC is preparing to subdue the internet and any trace of free speech there may be left, by introducing the UN promoted fairness doctrine, just like the Soviets did in USSR, only this time on a global scale:

And so that the takeover is complete, after trying numerous times to push UN’s Agenda 21 through congress under the guise of “climate change” (like it has already been done in many other countries), Obama has given up, decided that there is no more time left to try and decided to issue an executive order preparing for climate war. Not only is he doing that, but he is also warning us that terrible disasters are about to come:

At the same time, to help their organized “resistance”, stories like Pope being “victim” of the NSA’s surveillance are coming out:

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