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BRICS and the Dragon of the Apocalypse

11. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”.

12. “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed”.

The second beast of the Apocalypse we started to present in our earlier post titled The Dragon of The Apocalypse seems to start taking a more physical, palpable form, as the verse suggests by saying “coming up out of the earth”, the idea starts to materialize again (the beast that was and is not but it shall appear again), it moves from the spiritual (ideological) realm inside the earth (hell) to the physical realm.

A quick google search for possible BRICS emblems reveals the following:

BRICS Symbol


The pentagram (and pentagon) can also be observed in the photo featured in the following Reuters article which states that BRICS aim to finish development bank preparations by July 2014 summit !


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