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Who is science serving today ?

Every day we learn of more “scientific facts” that seem to “prove” that everything God created is wrong and leads to the destruction of the Earth. For quite a while now, we have been bombarded with studies that climate change is a man made disaster (no mention of climate manipulation and geo-engineering), that man is a pest for the Earth – not the pinnacle of the creation and made in the image of God as Christianity teaches. We have also been thought that the rest of the creation is bad as well: feral camels are bad for the environment, and cows are bad for the environment too. Now the “science” is saying earthworms are bad for the Earth as well and soon man will be. It is all related to the carbon tax, you see? It is all about something that was exposed as a hoax through the breaking of the Climagate scandal which truly exposed the real nature of this green movement.

They are turning man against God, himself and the whole of Creation!

So one has to ask, who is science serving today? Is is not the coming antichrist who is using the science to “prove” the whole order of God as being wrong and needing replacing with a “new order”? What about the whole effort of genetically enhancing everything (GMOs), curing every disease through genetically created spare organs – is this not the same “science” where they are trying to prove that God’s creation is imperfect and implicitly God is imperfect?

This is the same spirit Fr Seraphim Rose fully exposed in his book “Genesis, Creation and Early Man” where he shows the same kind of deception being behind the theory of evolution of man (for those interested to read the book we have a copy of it in electronic format). This is all explained in detail in St Seraphim’s “Orthodox Survival Course” where it is shown how the future world order of the antichrist will be one where religion, science and political will fusion together into one system.

Orthodoxy teaches that this world is in a fallen state due to being corrupted, but God can restore it to its original state and that can only be achieved through repentance, not science !

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