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The pope declares war on climate change skeptics

The Christian Communist (Marxist) agenda is just about to take the fight of subduing every soul to the red beast of the apocalypse to unprecedented levels. On these subject we wrote numerous articles and are therefore going to leave it to you, our dear reader, to look them up for more information.

Hardly a few hours after we showed how the communist commandos operate to hijack the west and help implement the agenda of total control of the human being (see previous post), we hear how the Pope comes out and declares his full support for these guerrilla activists, hiding behind all sorts of green movement organizations. This is absolutely incredible. The deception has grown so big, it is absolutely impossible for the mind of a simple man to comprehend how diabolical the plan is. Who has the power to stop this antichrist?

Based on the proven falsehood and fake science of global warming (see climategate scandal, chemtrails, HAARP etc), the agenda of blaming man for all the evil and destruction and casting him down to the same level as the irrational animals and taking his God given freedom away, is marching through with zero opposition from our spiritual leaders. They have all sold out. All of them. Where are they who dare challenge the official story of climate change and talk about the magnitude of weather modification programs and how they are used to bring upon all sorts of “natural” disasters? Where are they? Is there at least one who dares to speak out? None.

But why is this all happening? Why are they silent of this subject? Why? Because they want you to rather join their movement of “spiritual awakening” (charismatic revival) with the stated purpose of bringing about justice: social justice, climate justice, financial justice, economic justice, religious justice, you name it. They won’t tell you that it is because of our sins, un-repentance and wrong belief that God has turned away His face from us, and the evil one is free to do much harm, no, on the contrary, they tell you that “you are a pest to the Earth, that you can not be granted freedom because you destroy and corrupt everything. We gave you capitalism, freedom, and look what your greed has done. You stole everything you could and brought the banking system to collapse (soon), you plundered the earth, you fished out all the fish in the oceans, you destroyed all the forests, you exhale carbon dioxide that harms the earth! How can you be trusted? You are just like an animal, not made in the image and likeness of Christ”.

To those who live this sort of lawless life Orthodoxy tells that they have lived in sin, attaching themselves to material things and thus denying God, yet this can be fixed through repentance, like Zacchaeus! Do they tell you that? Do they tell you that only God can fix this mess only if we repented? No. Sin is not condemned any more, rather sin is a “gift from God”, they tell you.

Here comes the Pope, declaring total war against capitalism, again (they call it capitalism, but it is really our freedom they are after):


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