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The Setup

For the Vatican and all of the world’s political heavy-weights to rally behind the agenda of fighting climate change, they must know something big is coming. They expect a huge support for their new initiative, their new doctrine of faith, but still, by the way things look today, it seems a little hard to achieve the goal of convincing the whole of humanity of the necessity of joining their cause. They must have some ace hidden in the sleeve. They need a catalyst event, an unprecedenyed “natural” disaster to support their cause.

The scenario of such a disaster happening in the near future makes even more sense when considering that it would also give them the opportunity of shutting the voices of the skeptics up, forever, because it will offer them the chance to say: “look what happens when people listen to you. you are to blame for what just happened. because of you we could not do what we should have done much sooner!”.

On the other hand, a “natural disaster” scenario that leads to global economic collapse and war would also be the perfect cover up. It will be seen as an “act of God” rather than the direct consequence of their own iniquities.

Even the preparations for martial law and war in the US will thus look legitimate and welcome, rather than an hostile effort directed against their people!

What a difference the cause of the coming events can make!

Therefore dear Brethren in Christ, do not be surprised if we shall hear in the near future of news of a natural disaster or widespread pandemic, it is a real possibility, either before or soon after their September 2015 announcement. Let us thus pray!

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