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Welcome to the new, universal church of all religions !

Let those that read understand ! The final capitulation of the catholic church is here ! Today, more than ever, the Orthodox Christians have to know what they stand for ! The persecution of true Christianity is near !

We will be continuing this conversation in the Apostate West section so please make sure you visit it regularly as we believe we reached the final turning point in Christianity !

Unfortunately the newly chosen pope only seems to confirm what we feared most ! Concluding the long path the catholic church embarked since the great schism from Orthodoxy in 1054, this pope promises to become the great enabler for the creation of the universal church of all religions – the church of “The Age of the Holy Spirit” as we explained in a recent post !

The universal religion pope is here !

These are indeed historic times ! Let them who read understand: “the jesuits have been known as scientists”

So who is this pope ?
He is the first pope in history that …

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