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The False Antichrist

In order to bring the false Christ as the Messiah, there has to be a false antichrist first. This is important because if you have a false antichrist, then the one who comes to liberate people from under his tyranny can be seen as the awaited Messiah.

The heretical West has succeeded into changing the idea of the antichrist, amongst changing many things. In Western understanding, the antichrist would be another Napoleon or Hitler, and all those who have been tricked by the “prophecies” of Nostradamus have a clear expectation that the “third antichrist” will be one just like the previous two. Those that still hesitate buying into it, have been baited with the idea that the antichrist will be a ruler of an Islamic Caliphate, and those who subscribe to this idea are many, especially in the protestant world. In any case, modern Western wisdom says the coming antichrist will be a brutal dictator. The tragedy is that mainstream Orthodoxy has also been mostly perverted with this falsity.

Everything we see happening around the world today gravitates around this plan to deceive humanity. The antichristic forces at work are trying hard to bring to the world stage this brutal dictator, but their plans are flexible. They have multiple choices. A leader of an Orwellian dictatorship who will persecute all Christians can appear at any moment in the West, which is ready to be locked down as a result of total economic collapse. Alternatively, one can not ignore what is happening in the Middle East: ISIS (a western creation BTW !) could produce the same result. This could especially be the new plan due to the idea of a Western antichrist already being exposed. Everything is being staged by the apostate West.

Little do they want you to know the truth, that of the Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy: that the real Antichrist will come to try to destroy the Orthodox Church, from inside. The real antichrist will want to take the reigns of the Orthodox Church – the ultimate prey, the eternal goal of Satan. This truth, they don’t want you to see ! Therefore, they are going to keep trying to deceive the world into recognizing a decoy as the antichrist. Under no circumstance they will ever admit that the real antichrist can come from the World Orthodoxy, but it will.

A recent event has really caught our attention, another stunt we should say. In an apparent good move, Russia is banning Islamic books deemed “detrimental to society”. This in itself seems something good, but under the surface it may hide something else …


Why is nobody in Russia talking about banning the real spiritual deception hidden in 99% of all the literature that currently exists? Why is nobody trying to ban Lenin’s or Stalin’s ideology? Why is nobody talking about banning Stephen Hawkin’s writings? Why not banning Sandra Browns and all the pornographic literature? Why is Russia not denouncing the real spiritual deception of Christian Communism and all its forms? Why is Russia not focusing on confessing her own sins of the past and constantly trying to find the problem somewhere else? Why just Islamic books are targeted? Could it be because the intention is to focus everyone’s attention to the same play being staged before the World by the apostate West, thus looking as fighting against the coming Islamic antichrist?

To our Orthodox brothers and sisters we would like to say this: the Orthodox Church is the ultimate target of antichrist, because by trying to destroy it Satan would triumph over Christ, only this is not going to be possible because True Orthodox Christianity will still exist. Satan will try anyway, at least to deceive as many as possible …

This being said, it may be appropriate to say a few words about things that are to come. The coming false antichrist will persecute all Christians, but the hidden target will be True Orthodoxy. Just like it happened in the Eastern European Orthodox countries: communism persecuted all Orthodox Christians, but persecuted especially hard those who tried to remain in the Old Calendar Churches. Under the wider persecution, a more targeted and demonic persecution occurred against a smaller minority. In Romania for example, communist authorities did persecute all of Orthodoxy, but those of Old Calendar were literally wiped out, all their churches destroyed, all hunted down and decimated everywhere they could be found. Sometimes the communist authorities would even get help from those in the official Orthodox Church (new calendar) because it had the same goal: destroying all those that did not want to follow the mainstream. This is well documented for those interested to find the real truth.

So it will be this time around, the coming antichrist will persecute all Christians (of all confessions) just because the antichrist will want them all to unite under one (ecumenist) cause, but the True Orthodox Christianity will be most persecuted, to the point of extermination if possible …

Then the real antichrist shall arrive, as a liberator. All persecutions will cease and a period of a few years of unseen prosperity shall follow. Then the final and most vicious persecution shall follow once again, this time focused against those opposing the already self-appointed religious rulers. By this time the “Holy Synod” would have occurred and self appointed as the only Orthodox authority. No opposition shall be allowed.

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