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What started in Russia will end in America !

This is an Orthodox Prophecy!

Isn’t this ever more obvious with each passing day ? So let us examine, how did it start what started in Russia?

Quote: most became victims when their government classified them as enemies of the state ! An unbelievable story – please read it !

Ever wondered what is really happening in America today? Ever since 911, the changes America has been put through are mind boggling. But the question nobody seems to find the right answer to is WHY?

Well, look at what america stands for today, what are her “values” which all the “kings” of the world have fornicated with? Turn on to MTV for example – what do you see? Everything is about carnal pleasures, lust and riches. Look at everything that comes out of Hollywood – what is the image that they promote? The superhero! Their whole culture is about worshiping superheros. Form the youngest age children are thought that the only goal in life they are to follow is to become a superhero – take Disney for example – have you seen any Disney movie or show? Kids are thought to worship idols and they follow their example throughout their whole life. In fact most pop singers and Hollywood actors were formed in the Disney studios ! I hope you have seen our recent post about all these “stars” pledging their souls to the devil !

Also, please consider the recent incident with Chris Kyle’s death, a national super-hero, who killed so many “bad guys” in america’s unjust wars. As Ron Paul correctly pointed out (and he seems to be the only one who gets it), “he who lives by the sword dyes by the sword” ! So much truth ! First of all, why is this relevant? An american “national hero” dies like villain ! This is a crude example where this whole national culture of the super-heros and supermen leads ! It is not insignificant, because it shows what will happen at national level ! The whole “american culture” is about creating super-heros, super-men, super-stars ! It is the country where all earthly, materialistic dreams can come true ! This is america – the greatest nation on earth which can not fail !

But think about it, what is a super-hero or super-man ? Isn’t it the “highest” form of an unrepented man – the unfailible man ? It is this particular aspect, nourished deep in their culture, that prevents the ordinary american to believe what his senses are telling him – that america can and will fail!

What about america’s financial system that the whole world adopted and fornicating with – Wall Street – the ultimate symbol of greed – where the bankers invented the most sophisticated financial casino to rip of the little guy ?

Another example of how far america has traveled down the road to perdition is noticing how much it turned away from a God fearing nation to one openly denying Christ! Have you watched Discovery Channel of National Geographic recently? How many times have you seen documentaries where they “prove” Jesus had a wife and children and did not rise from the dead but died like an ordinary man (see this)? Do you remember The Da-Vinci Code book and movie? Or when David Cameron showed up in New York with three coffins saying he had “proof” he found the tomb of Jesus and his remains (see this)? Or have you heard that they “found” the Gospel of Judas which completely contradicts the account of the Gospel we have known for 2000 years (see it here)? Are they not turning everything about Christianity upside down? Have you asked yourselves why, who is behind this?

Would then it be surprising to you to know that america is in fact today a “nation under judgement” which adopted a “spirit of defiance”? Have you seen Johnatan Cahn’s “The Harbinger”? You should ! Here are some links: here, here, and a very important update here.

One should see everything happening in the west (and especially in america) today as a warning sign ! God has allowed for the evil one to take over it and destroy it. They are looting everything out of it, its resources (water), its wealth (there is no gold left at the fed), all its blessings ! And all it is left with is DEBT, and her judgement day is near !

We hope that this makes it a little easier to put the events happening in america today in the right context !

The Orthodox Views Team !

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