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The prophets of the New Age

Again we have to start by referring back to Blessed Seraphim Rose’s Orthodox Survival Course because this subject ties closely into this invaluable Orthodox resource. Fr Seraphim covered this sort of topic extensively in his work and we pray to him to not allow us to go astray from the direction he has shown us so clearly.

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As opposed to revelation from Christ which inspired all the Orthodox prophecies throughout the centuries, the non-orthodox world has always had its own “prophets” who had their own sort of revelation, only not from God. The devil does not know the future, but certainly knows its own plans, which can be revealed from time to time to so called “prophets”. There were many such prophets throughout history, but on many occasions these prophecies fell short from materializing only because God spoils Satan’s plans. The other way (Satan spoiling God’s plans) never works !

It is important to understand that in order to deceive, the devil has to try out hard to stick to its original plans, otherwise all its efforts are in vain and its prophecies rendered worthless, and this has got to be the case especially in these end times when deception has to be complete, given that the seal holding it bound in Hell has been removed and the powers it has been given to deceive are now greater then ever.

One such “prophet” was Nostradamus who may appear to have gotten a few things right and who’s prophecy about the “Third Antichrist” we covered in many earlier articles in which we tried to show how that is the greatest deception being prepared for humanity. Here is one of them:


Here is how the deception looks like :

But today we would like to focus primarily on another “prophet” of the New Age, non other than Edgar Cayce, who some consider to be the Father of the New Age, even though the new age movement has its root deep in the early days of the heresy of Catholicism, as Fr Seraphim has clearly shown.

So who was Edgar Cayce?



But what about his teachings, do they follow the lines of Orthodox teachings? Not in any way, shape or form. In fact Cayce’s teachings are so anti-christian, it is hard to find another author to be a better reference for our subject than Edgar Cayce. We invite you to take a look at some of these “teachings” – it is worth mentioning that Edgar Cayce was one of those who believed in reincarnation and also believed that Jesus spent His “lost years” in Tibet and India where He allegedly gained His wisdom from some “gurus”. For this subject we recommend the writings of Elder Paisios’ Of Mount Athos in the book “The gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios” (http://www.amazon.com/The-Gurus-Young-Elder-Paisios-ebook/dp/B00AFFFCDK).

Please see here the kind of abominations Edgar Cayce preached.


What caught our attention about Edgar Cayce was how his prophecies about Russia are now being embraced openly in the charismatic circles in America and everywhere. We tried to warn about the trend of the entire charismatic movement ending up in Putin’s hand, but never did we think things are indeed so serious. We would like to just point out two of our recent articles in support:



We have long been trying to raise the alarm about this plan. Please read the following article and watch the following video and you will understand what we are trying to say.


What is the future of Orthodox Russia going to be? Is it going to be such a glorious triumph of Orthodoxy in the times of the Antichrist as these false prophecies seem to suggest? Or is it going to be, by God’s providence, a much smaller Russia which will not go the way Putin and the Moscow Patriarchate are going today, but restore the former Russia? There are many prophecies of the Holy Orthodox fathers who say Russia will only survive as a very small country, but under the rule of Orthodox lawfulness – a restored Orthodox Tsar (monarch). Here are some prophecies about Russia (http://kiev1.org/en/prorochestva-o-rossii.html)

Ieroshimonah Seraphim Of Vyritsa: “When East gaining force, everything will become unstable. The number is on their side, but not only that: they are sober and hardworking people, and we have such a heavy drinking … There will come a time when Russia will rend apart. First, it will be divided, and then begin to loot the wealth … The eastern part of China will … When does China wish to go further West to the deployment and will not allow. Russia will survive, having lost most of their lands. ”

Schema Monk John Of Uglichpodviza, the Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Nikolskoye, Yaroslavl Diocese: “China will go to war with us 200 million strong army and takes all of Siberia to the Urals. The Japanese will be hosting in the far East. Russia will start to tear to pieces. Will be a terrible war. Russia will remain within the boundaries of the times of Tsar Ivan the terrible. Come Venerable Seraphim Of Sarov. It will unite the Slavic peoples and bring with him the King …

Please find below an important article we had on the subject:


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