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The New “New World Order”

The Mystery of Iniquity and Lawlessness: “through appearing of fighting against unspeakable iniquity, it shall be possible for the lawlessness to call itself righteousness”


The pattern that started to form a while ago (and of which we have been writing for more than a year) is consolidating – that is the efforts of trying to portray Putin as the saviour of humanity from what it was to be an elite ruled NWO. The old NWO is dead – long live the New NWO – the real New World Order daddy Bush was really speaking about :


The same message of a New NWO, one of the rule of law and justice was what Defense Secretary Hages has spoken about just a few days ago:


The Elite are sending sublimal messages that there is “hope” behind the chaos. This is just mind control at its best. Do not allow them to play with your mind, as it is through the mind that the devil works.

This is the real NWO they really want, the global “Christian” awakening forming as a response to the elite’s NWO which the whole of humanity will soon fight against, before a new era of “peace and justice” can commence.

“A recalcitrant Putin has proclaimed that the U.S.-headed new world order is a failure … Thank God Russia is there as a resistance to the globalist vision of dominating the world through private central banking. History will look back and see Putin as a pivotal man averting a major war on many fronts” the following article exclaims.


And even the Tea Party in the US is now rallying behind this cause – yes, the entire charismatic revival movement in the US is rallying behind it. The real purpose of this movement, as we highlighted on many other occasions, is to rally peoples and nations behind this effort. This is where all the heresies of the West and the fruits of the charismatic revival movement that started in the Catholic Church (early after the schism from Orthodoxy) with Joachim of Floris and Francis of Assisi will show their finality. This is why Blessed Seraphim Rose’s Orthodox Survival Course is so important to read.


You may remember our earlier articles about hundreds of pastors in US laying their hands on Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. You may also remember about what we said about Glenn Beck and his “Third Great Awakening”, his “Black Robes Regiment” and other ecumenist efforts of rallying everyone behind one cause of fighting injustice. All these efforts are now converging, forming one front.


That is why the Pope promotes Marxism, because Catholicism today means Liberation Theology – a spiritualized form of Marxism:


And this is the reason why the conservatives in the US are embarking on an en-masse love affair with Putin:


Yes, the real NWO is the New Communism (the Christian Communism, the religious Communism), and even people in US congress are openly admitting “Communism Works” !


Chicken are coming home to roost ! All those heresies that deviated from the Truth (including World Orthodoxy) are coming together to fulfill their destiny of serving the one master – the coming Antichrist that shall be revealed onto the world at the right time.

References to some of our articles on Christian Communism and other related articles:






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