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Boston Black-Ops, Gold and The Coming (Communist) Insurrection

UPDATE Apr 22: We can now clearly see where the whole thing is going: it is going to be used to take more liberties away from the Americans and getting them used with martial law conditions. The suspect was denied Miranda rights (showing everyone: don’t even think of fighting back when the real thing comes), and leads to even more of a police state – watch this must see documentary aired on TruTV. People know what is happening – listen to what TV viewers have to say!

UPDATE Apr 20: Glenn Beck, after initially denying any possibility of a false flag and ridiculing Alex Jones, turns 180 degrees and says Obama is trying to cover up the Boston bombings truth. Now it should be understood that Glenn Beck has his own agenda behind the reason why he would do this (there is more about Glenn Beck in our Mystery Of Iniquity section). His current warning, as well as other warnings in the past, seem to be on the same line as Lt Colonel Potter’s of the existence of a very powerful rogue group that infiltrated the government. This could be the beginning of very, very serious, dangerous, perilous times.

UPDATE Apr 19: the suspect in this case seems to have been under the control of the FBI. Could he have been another subject to some sort of mind control programs like Adam Lanza, or is this some sort of Hollywood style coverup story? Was he set up just like other patsies were set up during the 7/7 London bombings where it is documented there was an official bombing drill scheduled at the time with the real bombings, just like in this instance? Could he had been used by the FBI (since it appears he was an FBI asset) to help with the scheduled drill and be able to blame him if something went wrong? After all FBI does have a history of helping with false flags and was even confirmed by the New York Times.

We are living in very dangerous times right now, and there are people out there that are literally putting their lives on the line to bring this information to us, so we should pay close attention, because the kind of information surfacing now around the Boston bombings makes this incident significantly more dangerous than any previous one.

The same hallmarks of a staged false flag attack are present here as were in the Aurora shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in the coverup in Benghazi etc.

We would like to ask you that you urgently listen to what US Army Lieutenant Colonel Potter has to say about the Boston incident and how scared he himself is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMUcOZAF1RI

Here is some of the information Lieutenant Colonel Potter is referring to. Infowars.com has 2 exceptional articles about the “contractors” involved in this incident clearly showing unusual navy seal activity surrounding the bombings.

Many of us remember the release of the “The Dark knight Rises” movie (the last Batman episode), but it is very important to understand that the release of this movie is not without significance. Its theme is centered around a mysterious character that grows amongst the elite in secret (St John Damascene said about the antichrist that he would be raised by the elites in secret) who fights injustice (in other words fights for social justice) and who’s time is now to raise and rule – see the trailer here.

How much of a coincidence can there be that there is a specific scene in this movie where Batman points to a location on a map named Sandy Hook (the only section of any map that is readable in the whole movie), and what would you say if you knew that the same part of the town was renamed to Sandy Hook from previous Batman episodes? See for yourselves. Also how much of a coincidence can there be that the Boston attack was around a sports event, just like in this movie?

Would it be a coincidence that “The Family Guy” episode broadcast 3 weeks before the bombings makes direct reference to Boston marathon incident in great detail?

Much of what is happening today was already explained by Glenn Beck when he was at Fox news when he talked about The Coming Insurrection. The words of Elder Ignatius who said “what started in Russia will end in America” could not be more prophetic than today.

Of course any Orthodox Christian who read Fr Seraphim’s Orthodox Survival Course would have no difficulty in understanding these times in the correct historical context. Just reading the explanation of the circumstances surrounding the French Revolution would provide a frightening perspective of where things are headed today. It can only be through the correct understanding of Orthodoxy about evil that the current world events can be made sense of.

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