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“The Bible” – An Invitation to ‘Change the World’ !

The demolition of True Christianity seems to be relentless. The latest in the “series” is “The Bible”. Astonishing special effects, an 18 years old Joseph, a Mary as far as possible form Her true Orthodox image, a Jesus who’s mission is to “change the world” – it covers everything – just upside down. You can see the trailer here: The Bible – movie trailer

But that is not everything, “miracles” happened on the set all-throughout the production of this TV series: Mark Burnett says ‘weird things happened’ on ‘The Bible’ set

Of course the idea of “changing the world” in their view is something that has a whole different meaning since their message seems to be an open invitation to us to become part of this movement: ‘The Bible’ Series: An Invitation to ‘Change the World’

Is it a coincidence that this kind of message is spread by websites like “Sojourners” which has the following motto: “Faith in Action for Social Justice”? It may be worth pointing out that Sojourners’ website president is non other than Jim Wallis, Obama’s spiritual adviser.

A short overview of the meaning of this “social justice” movement can be found in our Mystery Of Iniquity section.

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