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On trans-humanism and nano-technology …

This article explains some aspects of the much talked about coming technological revolution (or google-zeitgeist).

We live in a world which is to go off: each individual or every normal group of people from any dwelling place of a town, land, country or continent is feeling this thing, while we speak. Whether or not one precisely identifies the development as such is another problem, because we all are caught up in this deceiving world, full of misinformation. The ‘new world order’ is preparing its advancement with trickeries of the greatest extent! Science and technology are some of the tools used to propagate the ‘grand’ future to come. We are used to look at future things as being better than the present ones, but this is a phony idea!!! Historically, this fakery ‘materialized’ during the period of the so-called ‘renaissance’ (that is the renaissance of paganism), when present time people started to think that they were better than their forefathers, therefore the future must have been even better than their time…

With such constant ‘progress and development’ in this realm of expectations, the growth in technological advancement became so apparent, in this Western civilization. According to our education system, any scientific ‘achievement’ must be clearly understood, described and used, before being presented to a new consumer or to a young person. We know that each age, as a step in time, has its own development and level of comprehension. In other words, no one would try to explain the mathematics of computer software to a primary student. In the same way, one would not make busy a fourteen years old student with a discipline that one does not perceive in a clear-cut manner. For the one who wants to understand, well, there is much, much more behind these ‘out-of-this-world’ technologies.

In educational institutions of our modern society, there are all kinds of activities for the purpose of attracting the young ones to the area of Science. Among these actions, there is a certain competition called “Science Talent Search”, which aims to engage students in many topics of this school subject. One of the topics for junior and intermediate students in 2013 is Nanotechnology. The students’ findings were to be presented in a poster form, according to some precise criteria. This exploit would be another attempt to ‘open’ the minds of the young ones to the ‘new’ and ‘great’ achievement of this era. On the other hand, it is to note that the same Western society dumped-down generations of students, so they are not any more capable to do the correct spelling. But the same society made these young ones to believe that they are ‘better’ and ‘smarter’ than their parents and teachers, because they become ‘the most advanced technology’ users.

But what is this very present nanotechnology? Is ‘nanotechnology’ a specific method which deals with microscopic ‘things’ in order to ‘fix’ explicit problems? ‘Nanometre’ signifies one millionth of a millimetre, therefore measuring things of nano size must be something dealing with a virus (about 100 nanometres), or dealing with a gene or even with atomic particles. But what do we know about the order of things, in a hierarchical order? A certain technology always emerges out of a philosophical doctrine, which itself comes out of a spiritual state. It is a little bit like the invention of the airplane, which was not done out of an urgency to travel as quickly as possible to a holy site, or the invention of radio or television which was not done for the sake of transmitting religious events. Let us continue with this subject: why ‘nanotechnology’? What is behind this technology?
Trans-humanism is the ideology behind this meticulous ‘nanotechnology’. We could read the following explanation from Wikipedia: “Trans-humanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal at fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities”. Among other triggers, ‘trans-humanism’ looks to be the strongest link and cause to nanotechnology and students should have been told about the major implications of this ‘great’ achievement of our century, before starting any school project! This partially scientific and partially philosophical matter is passed to students without being explained at all, actually for the sake of a full indoctrination, maybe with the participation of ignorant teachers… The clear objective is the formation of the ‘new’ human being who is to become increasingly separated from own Creator.

It is very interesting that the ‘father’ of Transhumanism is … the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “Liberty: that is to say, the chance offered to every man (by removing obstacles and placing the appropriate means at his disposal) of ‘trans-humanizing’ himself by developing his potentialities to the fullest extent” (Wikipedia). Strange… Blessed Seraphim Rose wrote extensively about this man and his fallen ideas which led the heretical roman-catholics to accept even the Evolutionary ideology! But this demonic theory is for so many years part of the school curricula…

One must be aware of details embedded into the topic of Nanotechnology. Are year-eight students capable to understand such item and then growing capable to ‘picture’ it? Do students know that there is an idea to create a world with human beings as second-class ‘citizens’ in front of the advanced machines with ‘emotions’, or the idea to achieve ‘infinite’ longevity and transcending own life by molecular manufacturing, gene therapy and inject-able nano-particles ? We can witness different and strange things around: mega-scale engineering, cyborg soldiers and artificial intelligence linked to the so-called mind uploading, in the near future. All these things lead to one single delusional plan: to transform the (fallen!) man into the … Superman!!!

Once upon a time, man was aware of own fallen state, knowing much about reasons behind this, and also knowing that Salvation comes NOT of this deteriorating world, but from Out of this world, through Christ the Redeemer, who was Crucified and then Resurrected and Ascended into Heavens. We have now the Orthodox Church, and the True Believer, that is the one who was baptized in the Church, can make radioactive water as pure as spring water, with the sign of the Cross. The new production “Elysium” – a movie with the premiere in August 2013, deals to a great extent with this type of ‘futuristic’ issue: nanotechnology which can fix anything, if the person is the ‘right’ person… Based on worldly dimensions (nano-measurements being part of this world), any try to fix things around becomes a failure, because the declining life on earth is impossible to repair. Nevertheless, the propaganda is marching on with varieties of all sorts, including ‘great’ innovations like nanotechnology. Even greater improvements are found, explicitly, in their spiritual territory: ‘eternal’ life by mechanics! “Man of Steel”? May God forbid!

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