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Obamacare is about making sure there is no way out of the system !

We pointed out in a previous article how Obamacare is the centerpiece of the whole enslavement framweork being built and how they are using it to leave you no way out – if you oppose it they will put you away.

Obamacare is creating “health panels” that will effectively take the role of a “medical police force” which is being given unprecedented powers over making decisions concerning your future. This trend can be observed everywhere in the western world.

In our previous article we showed how the new “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” (DSM), which also covers psychiatric evaluation guidelines, classifies normal emotions as illnesses that attract mandatory medication. We have seen how new psychiatric disorders like “General Anxiety Disorder” and “Obedience Defiance Disorder” (sic!) made their way into regulations around the implementation of Obamacare.

More details of what is included into this manual reveal that they are now considering “hoarding”, “child temper tantrum”, and a host of other human behaviors as illnesses. They just want to demonstrate that you are the crazy one and everyone else is normal.

Quote: The increasing number of disorders comes about because some “problems” that were not previously considered to be mental illness were reclassified as such by their inclusion in the DSM—and it is the DSM that functionally defines mental illness in the United States.

“The big change,” Dr. Saxena said, “will be an official recognition of hoarding as an important neuropsychic disorder that will increase screening, increase detection and diagnosis, and refer patients in for treatment.”
Dr. Allen Frances, the author of Saving Normal, says that the new requirements will, ”turn everyday anxiety, eccentricity, forgetting and bad eating habits into mental disorders.”

Moreover, they are making sure that screening becomes mandatory for every person that wants to continue a “normal” life within the society:

Page 1137 of the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides grants for the operation of school-based health centers required to include “mental health and substance abuse disorder assessments” for children and adolescents.
On page 1191 is found a section on Mental Health Screening that refers to a program called “Healthy Aging, Living Well”. Persons ages 55-64 are being targeted for screening activities that can include “mental health/behavioral health and substance use disorders.”
Obamacare requires mental health services for many other groups. These include Medicaid recipients, addicts, mothers with postpartum depression, the elderly, and soldiers. There’s even has a section called “Mental Health in Small Businesses” which awards grants to small businesses willing to provide workplace wellness programs that encourage “healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, increased physical activity and improved mental health.”

Our Holy Fathers have warned us about this

… persecution of the faithful will escalate. Christians will be hated by people who reject any mentioning of God’s authority and who trust only in the power of their intellect. And as believing in God becomes unpopular, any Christian wishing to retain his faith will feel more and more isolated from society ….

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