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Gay marriage is back on the agenda !

They certainly are not giving up and if they fail they try again, and again, and again – until they succeed. They do not care about what people want, they just keep hammering the earth away until it becomes so “red hot” that they can “mold it to their heart’s desire” as depicted in the Fabian’s Society famous Window. Have you seen their window? Or their logo? Or do you know what link there is between them, George Orwell and the “1984” book? Would this give a little bit of a perspective of what is happening in the West today? Do you know how many of our leaders are members of this insidious secret society ? Please look it up – you will be surprised !

So now they are back with a vengeance in their attempt at destroying the family and the whole order of society as established by God

Supreme Court gay marriage cases could set stage for dramatic societal changes
Silent or supportive, conservatives give gay marriage momentum
Chief justice’s lesbian cousin will attend Prop. 8 hearing

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