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OBAMACARE – The Crown Jewel

The signs of the coming Orwellian state in America are everywhere nowadays: 15 Congressmen demand investigation of the massive DHS purchases of ammo over the last year, but the DHS refuses to cooperate, continues unabated with its plans, and in fact is announcing it will start scanning every bit on private communication and drones are to be deployed everywhere accross america. In September, just a mere few months away, the Death Star (NSA’s biggest spying data center) will be quite operational and the turnkey Orwellian system will be complete (also see this).

Obamacare, the centerpiece of the entire framework, will also go into full effect in Jan 2014. And it is indeed the most important piece of legislation passed within the last few years, Joe Biden himself declaring it to be a BFD! Various parts of the framework were hidden in various bills since 2008 (especially in the Stimulus Bill – see Dr Janda’s testimony bellow) which when puzzled together will reveal the whole picture. A prime example of this can be found in the new DSM regulations that now include definitions for diseases like “General Anxiety Disorder” and “Obedience Defiance Disorder” (no kidding).

The most important aspect of Obamacare is that it paves the way for the introduction of the human microchip. In assisting this new framework, Obama promised in his first inaugural address that all medical information would be moved to electronic format within 5 years (and that is what we see everywhere in the world, including in Australia).

Asked about implantable microchips on the campaign trail, Howard Dean gives some very significant insights of what Obamacare really is about, and Glenn Beck does a good job of explaining what this means. One can clearly see that they are turning the whole system into a massive spying and control network (what started in Russia will end in America).

People may remember the whole constitutional crisis episode in 2012 around the controversial decision of the Supreme Court that upheld Obamacare as constitutional in a very unexpected twist when Justice Roberts turned 180 degrees and voted for it, defying widespread belief that he would not support Obamacare, being in fact quite vocal against it in the weeks before the decision. After all people would not had been that surprised if they had known that a few years ago, when he was appointed, Justice Roberts was warned by the same Joe Biden (who called the passage of the bill a BFD as seen above) that he would be faced with such a colossal decision about implantable microchips.

As of Jan 1st 2013 doctors all accross america have started to get Obamacare compliance letters in the mailbox and many are quitting ! One of the most recognized doctors in america, who also testified to Congress, David Janda, has also quit the medical field and is warning everybody about what is coming, and what he is saying is really scary !

Please also listen to Lindsey Williams explaining what Obamacare is

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