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Communism Was a Fabian Society Experiment

In a recent post we briefly made reference to the Fabian Society. But who are they? This is such an important subject to just let it be buried like that.

The Fabian Society is a secret society who’s members are found everywhere at the top of political power structures and basically control everything. They are a Marxist organization which is actively trying to gradually implement communism on a global scale by generating crisis after crisis until they get to upset the whole existing world order. They themselves admit quite openly as this being the goal, and is depicted in their famous Fabian Society Window (in which they are seen pounding on the Earth until it gets so hot that then they can “mold it to their heat’s desire”), and they go as far as having a logo as a wolf in sheep clothing ! The window BTW is located in one of their most prominent premises, the London School Of Economics (where George Soros also graduated :))

There are a lot of resources on the internet about this movement and their plans for humanity, so we will not spend too much time developing on this subject. We will just resume to pointing out that they are the ones that financed the communist takeover of Russia (and the West for that matter, which BTW is currently in progress). Knowing all this can put all current world events in a whole new perspective.

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