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The Sons of Man and The Sons of God

An article by Florin Stuparu, translated from Romanian, with a few annotations.
Our note: We highly recommend this as a rare piece of ennobling literature that can really open the minds and hearts of the believers to the truth of Orthodoxy!


“The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose” (Genesis 6: 2)

… for this is what the Masons say:

The tradition for the third degree states that the angel of light Evlis, the Spirit of Fire, fell in love with Eve, who was seduced by him and thus Cain was born, who was totally superior to Abel. They teach that Adonai God envied Cain for the spirit he received from Evlis and chased Adam and Eve away from paradise, that this envious god kneaded matter to create Adam and gave him a cringing soul who was afraid of Cain who had a free and autonomous soul. Then they say that Cain, having been unjustly banished by Adonai, killed Abel, and Adonai (the god who wanted to drown so many thousands of people in the waters of the great flood) characterized the killing of Abel as an unforgivable sin. They also say that the un-revengeful descendant of Cain, named Hiram, son of the Spirit of Fire, put all his energy and talent into building the temple that Solomon erected out of pride for honoring the unforgiving god Adonai, who’s hatred persecuted the seed of Cain for centuries. That after the destruction of the Brazen Sea, Hiram went to the ancestor of Tuvalcain, in the midst of the Fire, in the center of the earth, the “soul” of the world, the kingdom of Evlis and Cain, where Adonai’s tyranny ceases to exist, and where they can freely eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge. Hiram gets into the altar of the Fire where Tuvalcain reveals to him the infirmities and ignoble passions of god Adonai, who hates his creation and condemns it to death after judging it for for blessings that it received from the Spirit of Fire. Finally, Tuvalcain prophesies the domination of followers of Hiram, which will require the whole earth to worship the Spirit of Fire, ending the tyranny Adonai.

Let us examine what the Holy Orthodox Tradition says about the sons of God, daughters of men, the giants, why the great flood occured and how this relates to the coming of the antichrist.

Here is what we read in the article “The Church and problems of the age” :

“Under this topic that covers subjects such as “Man and …” “Women and …” “money and …” “Death and …” one can write almost anything, but facts show enough evidence that the problems, the incurable and pathetic misfortunes of our times are just like those before the great flood which occured some 5500 years ago, and like those of later times just before the heavenly fire burned Sodom and Gomorrah: namely the falling away of the “sons of God”, falling for the passions of the flesh. Let us thus examine these problems and see how it happened then, so that we may understand what is happening now.”

Unbelief, the fall to the passions of the flesh and the great flood

So after chasing away our ancestors Adam and Eve from Eden, mankind was divided into two kinds: first, that of the rebelious followers of the great devil, descending from evil Cain; second, the akin to God, the God-likes, whose first was the right Avel (Abel). But Avel having been killed without descendants, Lord God gives Adam and Eve another good son, named Sith: “And – the Scripture says – Adam knew Eve, his wife; and conceived, and bare a son, and called him Sith, saying: God hath raised me another seed instead of Avel, whom Cain slew. And Sith’s son was born and was named Enos. He believed in Him and called upon the name of the Lord God (as Father)”(Genesis 4:26). (our note: as we do to this day in our Holy Orthodox Church during the Holy Liturgy when we call upon the name of the Lord as Father and say: Our Father, Who art in Heaven …)

So Sith was the forefather of the ‘sons of God’, which is mentioned in Genesis 6: 2. This is more so emphasized by St. John Chrysostom who said:

“I mentioned to you before that the Scripture sometimes call people as ‘sons of God’. They are descendents from Sith and the son of Enos – for “he hoped to call upon the name of the Lord God” – therefore followers of him were called by the divine Scripture as ‘sons of God’, because he walked in the footsteps of the good deeds of their ancestors, while the descendants of Cain and his son were called by Scripture ‘sons of men’.”

And in the Chronograph we can still read this: “Sith and his son Enosh, grandson of Adam, the father of Cainan, began the tribe of Christ by the flesh, as shown in the Gospel of St. Luke (Luke 3: 23-38). He died in the year 1340 from creation of the world and all the years of his life were 905.”

The Creator and Legislator of all made a clear distinction from the very begining between the followers of Sith and followers of Cain and stopped to association between the two. But let’s refer back to the Chronograph again:

“So Sith’s house and his whole tribe was on the high ground close to heaven and had commandment from his father Adam [who had it from God] to guard the tribe diligently, lest they mix up with the tribe of Cain despised by God.” […] So the tribe of Sith was right and holy, pleasing to God, but the tribe of Cain was evil and rebellious, upsetting to God and hating of righteousness. Like the root like the branches, like father like sons. For Cain was the first fruit of all evil and his sons and his seed first began to mark off their land, and make wars, and plunder, and gather wealth not only from their labor but also by theft, kidnapping and oppression; and because of those, wars arose between people (our note: who is it that provokes all the wars in the world today?). The tribe of Cain were driven by fleshly pleasures, and invented all kinds of crafts and measures. And Lamech, his grandson, not being satisfied with being with one woman, took two: Ada and Zillah, and was the first one in the world with two women. Moreover they also started to use enchantments, charms and other occult practices, being in communion with the demons. And they were unpleasing to God and despised by God, and it should be said that is was the uncontrolled multiplication of all these sins that brought God’s wrath in the form of the great flood.

And just like Cain was the teacher and adviser of all wickedness, so Sith was right before his people, a living example of how to live a life in repentance. He taught his sons and sons of their own sons to know God, and fully believe in Him, and spend their life in the fear of Him, and to love and honor the sacrifices of their Creator and to pray to Him with zeal. Also he showed them how to honor and love their neighbor as themselves and not to be un-righteous. And it is written that Sith resembled angels in his righteousness, was wise and lead a temperate life, being gentle and honest and living up to a thousand years. […] And for his holy life he also was called as a god, and his people were called ‘sons of God’.”

God’s chosen people (the sons of God) kept His commandments as long as their ancestors lived, who (as we believe) guided them by reminding them constantly of the divine judgments. Afterwards they too started to lose their ways, transgressing again the divine law due to the same old man’s weakness towards women. And let us examine in which way this occurred, because this will open up the correct understanding for what followed:

“The tribe of Sith, the one called “sons of God”, lived in good deeds and divine pleasures for all the days of Adam, serving the Lord in devotion and righteousness up to a thousand years. And thus keeping their ancestors teachings and commandments, Adam and his son Sith, leading their lives in the fear of God, did not mix up with the tribe of Cain despised by God, who spent their lives in iniquity and lawlessness. After Adam’s death, they began to slowly weaken and grow more rebellious, and after the death of Sith, they rebelled completely.

The cause of the rebellion of the “sons of God” was none other than companionship with members of the tribe of Cain, despised by God. […] Not too long after the death of righteous Sith, his holy and righteous people altogether rebelled and started to live their lives in lawlessness and defilement, 1200 years after the creation of the world. The Scriptures say: “The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose” (Genesis 6: 2). What this means is men from the tribe of Sith started to mix with women from the tribe of Cain, being seduced by their beauty, and thus disobeyed the commandment of their ancestors – Adam and Sith and Enos – that the tribe loving of God should not blend with Cain’s tribe which was rejected by God.(our note: how is the world-wide effort today of trying to mix Orthodoxy with other religions different? they say it is in the name of “love”, but we may ask love of what, un-righteousness?)

And when the sons of God (the tribe of Sith) rejected the commandment of God and denied the lawful and blessed marriage only between members of their tribe, they started too to fall into lawlessness through adultery, starting to serve fully unbridled carnal pleasures and fleshly desires, wallowing in filthy and impure sins – then God started to overlook them, to turn His face away from them. Because of this God said “My spirit shall not always strive with them, for that they are only flesh: their days shall be an hundred and twenty years” (Genesis 6: 3); that is “they have been totally enslaved by delights and sins of the flesh”, and immediately showed the sign of His wrath upon them. And for their lawless union, He gave them to bear not their normal fruit – the ordinary man, but an unusual race started to be born out of this unholyness. And it rained in showing His wrath, for the children who were born of them were disfigured, not normally looking like the other people. When they grew to adult ages, they crossed the line of normal growth, as trees in the grove, measuring 18 cubits, and 20 cubits, or more. And their habits were worse than of all those lawless people, many of them doing all sorts of iniquity, becoming ruthless killers, angry and impulsive people, lovers of war and bloodshed. Proud, greedy and lusting for power wishing to have dominion over all the earth, they started to chase away people, forcing them out of their lands, robbing and killing them. As for their unbridled bodily lust and desires, it is not possible to put that in writing for the hearing of such things is obnoxious for a normal person’s mind, for there was no wrongdoing and impurity that these giants would not have committed.” (our note: have you ever wondered why they are trying to cover up any archeological discoveries about the existence of giants?)

Let’s also see what wise Solomon had to say about those times when humanity was entirely serving the fallen demons and completely driven by fleshly passions: “Then it was not enough that they strayed away from knowing God, but lived (in the darkness of their minds) in perpetual war, calling «peace» everything that was evil. They were bringing even their own children for sacrifice for their wicked worshiping, or they would commit evil hidden deeds, commit to drunkenness and fornication, and all other barbarian habits. They would not guard clean neither their lives, nor their marriages, but would defile and mock each other. All would partake in pilferage and deceit, wickedness and unbelief, rebellion and false oaths, persecuting the good people and forgetting every blessings they may have received, polluting others’ souls and depriving them of bodily needs, desecrating others’ marriages, promoting fornication and debauchery under eyes of all” (Wisdom of Solomon 14: 22-26). (our note: how is that different to what is being promoted today in the West?)

And then, for the sake of curbing these wicked habits, God said in His perfect anger, “My spirit shall not always strive with them, for that they are only flesh: their days shall be an hundred and twenty years” (Genesis 6: 3). By this, God gave them time to repent, during which time Noah, the only righteous man left on earth, would make an ark for his and his family’s salvation before the great flood was unleashed. And because people did not repent – because they could not since their wickedness was diabolical – we know what followed: the Creator of all destroyed them, and said: “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them!” (Genesis 6: 7)

Fornication and adultery brings heavenly fire on Sodom and Gomorrah

After the flood, the evil of unbelief and carnal impassioning continued even more vigorously, reaching its peaks once again by the iniquities of those doomed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, that again ignited the wrath of God, which He destroyed fearfully, as we read, “The Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah burning stone … and the LORD destroyed the cities and all that sprung from the earth” (Genesis 7:24). And to understand the unspeakable horror of the divine punishment, let us read again from Chronograph:

“Just like God’s Heaven, so was that part of Sodom (who is part of Jordan too) until they started to anger God and brought upon them and upon all His punishment instead. […] And when the wrath of God fell upon them, and fire rained upon their cities and destroyed them all and their entire country. And – what at first resembled Heaven in its beauty and the abundance of the fruits of the earth – that was made desolate, barren, dark and hurtful. Just as testified by the Holy Martyr Pionie (March 11):

“I have traveled in all parts of Judea, and passed the river of Jordan and saw the scorched earth which shows the signs of God’s wrath to today, for the sins of men. I saw smoke coming out of it, and the plains and the lands burned with fire, and without any fruit in them, and no trace of moisture anywhere. And I saw the Dead Sea (springing pitch) and the water that no animal can drink and that cannot hold any human body in it, and anything cast into it will immediately be thrown out.”

St. John Chrysostom also wrote about this, saying in reference to Solun:

“Did any of you walk in Palestine? So then confess to me, those who have seen those places, confess to me whom I was not there. Because above Ashkelon and Gaza, even in the Jordan valley where there used to be a long stretch that was once fertile, well before the wrath of God, and now is not. So this place was very fruitful and cities of greater beauty, more beautiful than all the cities and towns of the world existed, and is now more desolate and wretched than all the deserts. But now, even today, the fruit of the trees there are a testimony of God’s wrath. For they can see pomegranate and apples and are pleasant for the sight for he who does not know because, if he sees the fruits so beautiful and bright, has great joy; and if you take a grape in your hand and cut it, can not find any inner rod, only smoke and stink. So in this way it is all the earth: that is, stones, air, and water, everything still testify for God’s wrath. For you can see the ground, but it’s not earth that bears fruit; also all the fruit trees are ash. For you can see the air and water, but are useless. For you can see that sea that is dead, because it has no living creature in it. Just like a body stricken by lightning, the body is still there but without any power to move, so it is there: the earth can be seen, but bears nothing, it is just ashes; trees and fruits, but nothing resembling to proper fruits; air and water, but nothing of what is found in the air or water, because they were turned to ashes; although air and water themselves can not burn, everything in them has been burned, because wood and stone can burn and the air and water cannot. For us, they cannot burn, but the One who made them can make them burn. Therefore, nothing but only a big furnace is all the air, and all the water, all fruitless, all barren, all reflections of the divine wrath that was there and signs of hell that is to be. “[…] And let it be known that the river Jordan, going in the Dead Sea, soon loses its natural sweetness and turns into bitterness and fish entering the river soon die.”

Fornication, adultery and unbelief, signs of forthcoming domination of Antichrist

“And, sitting [our Lord Jesus Christ] on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him, saying, tell us, when will these things happen and what is the sign of thy coming and the end of the world? […] [And He said]: As it was in the days of Noah, so shall be at the coming of Son of Man. For – as in those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking and marrying, until the day Noah entered the ark, and knew not until the flood came and took them all – as will the second coming of Son of Man be.” (Matthew 24: 3; 24: 37-39). St Theophylact of Bulgaria had this to say regarding these words:

“These examples of all those people of the time just before the great flood and those of Sodom and Gomorrah, show that when the Antichrist will come, there will be a great increase of wicked and perverted fleshly passions amongst the people, they will become debauched and give themselves to the lawless endearments, just as the giants in the days of Noah (Genesis 6: 4). Which is what the apostle also said, indeed, that in the last days people will be lovers of caress rather than lovers of God (2 Timothy 2).”(our note: this tells a lot as to why the whole gay rights agenda is being pushed throughout the whole world, and what the consequences will be.)

And the Holy Evangelist Luke mentions this parable about Sodom: “and as it was in the days of Lot: They were eating, drinking, buying, selling, sawing and building; and the day Lot left Sodom then it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all; The same way it will be on the day the Son of Man is revealed”(Luke 17: 26-30).

Church of Christ and the last times

Now having read about those dreadful facts, and knowing the prophecies for the coming of Antichrist and the end of the world, events that brought upon the great flood and the burning those wicked cities, we can ask ourselves: Is there a difference between the world of the giants before the great flood or between that of the Sodomites and our world? Is this not the world the Antichrist can be born in? Whomever doubts, read the prophecy of St. Nilus the Myrrh Streamer (dating from the 17th century):

“And the work of the Antichrist is this: the care of the vain and material things of the world, acquisition of the metals of the earth [those first discovered by grandsons of Cain]. He is the head of all evil, and the heralding of the imminent destruction and desolation. […] In those days, you minds will be darkened with pursuits of earthly riches, and you will not understand the saving work and you will think that you walk the path to salvation by pursuing your daily jobs. […] For Antichrist is thought and felt. Felt he will be at the time appointed for the world to commit to unbelief and transgression, just as the Lord has fulfilled all righteousness and took upon Himself the sin of the world. […] In thought, the Antichrist has been in the world from the beginning.”

And the same Holy Father continues:

“God showed His mercy towards His people by making a covenant [Noah’s ark], so people can repent, but they returned to the fleshly pursuits that had brought on the great flood in the first place. Just like today they consecrated themselves to gathering riches, caring only about the material life, giving themselves in to abduction, buying, selling, lying, immorality, sodomy, greed, pride, injustice, hopelessness, laziness, pride of the heart, the remembrance of evil, hatred, love of wealth, love of silver. Because, before the coming of Antichrist, the people’s senses will darken with passions.”

And this is the really scary thing Holy St Nilus adds:

“When lawlessness will multiply, all the uncleanness of the world will come together upon the daughter of fornication, to become the house of harlotry. For – as Our Lady Most Pure Mother of God was before birth, during birth and after birth the Blessed Virgin, and begat Jesus, Who knew no sin – so, on the contrary, that unclean daughter, the mother of Iniquity will be whore before birth, during birth and after the birth of the wicked Antichrist. A whore is unclean and remains a whore for all her life. This unclean harlot will become the host of all all the iniquities and give birth to the son of perdition. And, because of the lack of the gift of the Holy Spirit in people, all their sins and transgressions will come to life in her womb. And after the birth of the son of sin, all sort of shortcomings shall come upon the people. First, the lack of love, unity and purity. Second, everywhere cities and villages will be deprived of God-fearing pastors and believers. Third, the Churches of God will be deprived of true bishops, priests, confessors and holy people.

After that, the unclean one shall be revealed, and after advancing in age [at thirty years old as our Saviour Jesus Christ], he will receive all the satanic power and do signs and wonders before people who will be full of earthly passions. […] And he will show kindness, in order to persuade the multitudes with his deception. He will also be peaceful and humble, to be accepted by all. Because he’s spiritual food will be when people are disturbed, when people will be disturbed he will rejoice. This will manifest through forgetting the true faith and lacking the fear of God, through fornication, adultery, sodomy, love of wealth, unforgiveness, condemnation of others, lying, slander and other evils. With this sort of food the Antichrist will feed himself and rule over all the cities.

Then, the more people will sin, the more they will think they work for their salvation. Then, he is going to defame the Holy Gospel and the Church of God. […] And people will grow hungry for the Word of God, because it will be impossible to find anyone to teach them the word of salvation. […] Then, the evil of Lucifer will grow in peoples hearts and ungodliness will live inside the Antichrist. And God will withdraw His gifts from men, as the Scripture says, “My Spirit will not dwell in these people, because they are only bodies” (Genesis 6: 3).”

Anyone can easily observe that St Nilus talks right about the times we are living through now. The passion for earthly things (focusing on worldly cares and the unprecedented drive for riches and fornication), and the denial of true faith of all of those baptized in Christ-God, from the flock to the shepherds, is growing to unprecedented proportions. It is clear that we now live in a time of repentance as the one given by God during Noah’s days, after deciding the destruction of mankind. The only difference is that now the new Ship of Salvation (The Church of Christ), floating on the sea troubled by earthly and fleshly passions, it’s broken and taking water in everywhere. In order that it does not sink completely and thus let perish all of the last righteous in Christ, God will bring the renewing and saving fire again over the “new Sodom” called “world”, after the descendants of Lot, the few remaining true Christians, will find their places of refuge.

I know there are many (especially amongst the Orthodox) who want to see the “ark” (the Church) fully re-built again, not knowing that they are fully on the same tune with Satan himself, who will show the coming Antichrist as another “Noah” and the “true Messiah”; (our note: have you seen the last Noah hollywood movie?). To those who think like this it is not even worth mentioning, but there are many others amongst the Orthodox also waiting for a “Noah” to repair and even advance the ship of Salvation (the Church) further, but never ask themselves: but where? – Especially that almost everything has now been fulfilled and all we should expect is the second coming of Christ, our God and Saviour. For those who want to really understand, here’s a word of Holy Hierarch Averky Tausev who lived until recently, knowing the Church well and understanding the times:

“Since the 19th century, St. Ignatius Bishop drew us take heed, saying that “the pious work of faith can be recognized as approaching the decisive end. […] We do not expect the revival of Christianity. Vessels of the Holy Spirit forever dried up everywhere, even in monasteries, these treasures of piety and gracious gifts. However, the substance can be renewed only through His divine Spirit. The long-suffering and merciful God allows the end to be delayed for the sake of those last ones that remain to be saved. Meanwhile, those who are rotting or have rotted will reach full decay. Those who want to be saved should understand this well and use the extra time given for salvation, for the time is short and eternity is getting close to each of us.”

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