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Liberation Theology – a KGB invention?

“beast that was, and is not, yet it shall appear again” … This is where everything comes full-circle, and really shows that everything that seems opposed is really of the same! It certainly explains a lot, and also offers a solid ground for understanding what we have noted since the beginning – that the current

Liberation Theology and Marxism

The Pope comes out again condemning capitalism and calling for “redistribution of wealth”, defending his call by saying the Church has been involved with helping the poor since the beginning. There is enormous confusion in today’s Christianity about the role of true Christianity in society. Let us examine what is really the nature of Christian

The False Antichrist

In order to bring the false Christ as the Messiah, there has to be a false antichrist first. This is important because if you have a false antichrist, then the one who comes to liberate people from under his tyranny can be seen as the awaited Messiah. The heretical West has succeeded into changing the

The war on Christianity

Is the world going to be able to keep together for much longer? The assault on your spirituality is relentless, and the war on Christians from inside the Church is reaching unthinkable proportions – while the World Orthodoxy is preparing for their “Holy Synod” where they will copyright Orthodoxy and assert their authority over anyone

The New “New World Order”

The Mystery of Iniquity and Lawlessness: “through appearing of fighting against unspeakable iniquity, it shall be possible for the lawlessness to call itself righteousness” http://orthodoxaustralia.org/2014/05/11/iniquity-lawlessness-and-righteousness/ The pattern that started to form a while ago (and of which we have been writing for more than a year) is consolidating – that is the efforts of trying

“Son Of God” – a Charismatic Revival Masterpiece

Following “The Bible” Series, “Son Of God” comes to seal its epic success as a New Age masterpiece. The success of The Bible series was immense in the home of the charismatic revival, America. The show, along with pre-written sermons made big waves in some 180,000 churches. Audiences were captivated, dogmatic differences were eliminated, Christians

A “message of salvation” from the Antichrist?

We have just come across an interview with Karen Hudes, of whom we have only recently heard, talking about how a solution to all of humanity’s problems exists out there, only if the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians would not oppose it… How wonderful! The problem, as she describes it, are the current political and

Pope trashes Capitalism and calls for worldwide Socialism

http://www.infowars.com/jesuit-trained-pope-trashes-capitalism-in-call-for-worldwide-socialism/ Just a few days ago, in a previous article we examined who the dragon of the apocalypse was. Surely on the same line, we now hear that the Jesuit Pope himself is joining in the global propaganda, criticizing free market capitalism and pushing for wealth redistribution. We are not advocating for a free market

The Dragon of the Apocalypse

The last book of the Bible, St John’s Revelation (also known as the Apocalypse of St John), talks about unimaginable disasters to be occurring at the end of times. One of them has just happened in the Phillipines that was hit by the strongest typhoon ever recorded. What is the world we currently live in

World News – Oct 29th 2013

We are loosing our kids! They are not only venerating satanists like Kayne West, but they are also being indoctrinated in schools: school test teaches kids: “commands of government officials must be obeyed by all”. What started in Russia has indeed already come to America and the West. EU to start monitoring “intolerant” citizens: “Faith-based

Jesuit Pope Francis Calls ‘Ideological Christians’ A ‘Serious Illness’ Within The Church

Our note: this post is not yet complete due to the importance of this subject – it will be developed further In other words Pope Francis wants you to be a “spiritual stem-cell” that carries no particular doctrine. The purpose is of course getting Christianity ready to mutate into a “new Christianity”. Catholicism has traveled

The Harlot of the Apocalypse

After seeing what the red beast of the Apocalypse was, let us turn our focus onto the harlot spoken about in Chapter 17. In verses 1 through 5 we are presented a very earthly woman, being seen “arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls”, which is a

“The beast that was, and is not, and yet is …”

We are going to begin by saying that our views are based entirely on Archimandrite Nektarios’ interpretation of the Apocalypse to which we subscribe entirely, and that this article is only intended to bring a little more clarification and understanding to what has already been said. In his commentary, Archimandrite Nektarios talks about the beast

Google Zeitgeist, Social Justice and Orthodoxy

Google seems poised to take over the reigns and lead the spiritual awakening movement of the “spirit of the age” (zeitgeist). After being instrumental to helping with the “Arab Spring” islamic awakening revolution, we now hear that Google and the Bilderberg Group are fusioning to create a new kind of entity that will lead a

Pope Francis, the Jesuits, Chiliasm and “Liberation Theology”

Is may seem we have got to see the days St Seraphim Rose talked about so much. We are going to take the opportunity again to emphasize how important is for the Orthodox people to now load with all the information they can while it is still possible. We beg of you to please start