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Is The Pope the Antichrist?

Short answer: No!

Some ideas stemming from the perverted understanding of the End Times of the Apostate West are trying to suggest the Pope may be the antichrist.


Instead, the Pope better resembles the False Prophet, who has come to preach a new doctrine, a new teaching: Liberation Theology, to herald the dawn of a new era of “peace and justice”.

The truth about the Pope’s efforts of trying to bring about this spiritualized form of Marxism in a very subtle way, are sometimes shown plainly and clearly to the whole world by people that are “over-enthusiastic” about the prospects of seeing their struggle of a lifetime materialize:


The Pope is merely the voice that was chosen to herald the new era, but behind it is rallying the whole World Orthodoxy, as shown by non other than the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Batholomew, who admits that the Synod of 2016 is about consecrating the unity in the face of iniquity in spite of doctrinal differences, and who’s agenda bears striking resemblance to the Pope’s long awaited September 2015 encyclical, which will become doctrine of the Catholic Church.


“This Synod will, as you rightly observe, be a vital sign of unity among our Orthodox Churches at a time when our world demands a unified response to its critical challenges … The suffering of people in every corner of our planet today; the abuse of religion for political and other secular purposes; the difficulties facing Christians all over the world, and particularly in the areas where the Christian Church was born and grew up, regardless of confessional identities; the injustices inflicted on the weak members of contemporary societies; and the alarming ecological crisis which threatens the integrity and the very survival of God’s creation – all these call for common action and the solution of the problems still dividing us.”

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