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Jesuit Pope Francis Calls ‘Ideological Christians’ A ‘Serious Illness’ Within The Church

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In other words Pope Francis wants you to be a “spiritual stem-cell” that carries no particular doctrine. The purpose is of course getting Christianity ready to mutate into a “new Christianity”. Catholicism has traveled a long way to where it is today, and it has finally succeeded in uprooting Christianity and transforming it into an abstract religion, a spiritually blind religion awaiting its new mesiah to open its eyes again.

According to Pope’s vision, the Church is not supposed to confess any particular truth, and rather than focusing on confessing the truth people should concentrate on praying – doesn’t matter if you understand who you pray to or what for, Pope’s message is clear: just pray. Christianity has been reduced just to the act of praying to an undefined blob. Mission accomplished – the world is now ready !

Forget about all the saints who fought and died preserving the truth stated by the Orthodox Church doctrine, forget about the teachings of the Holy Fathers, forget about Jesus who warned us to be vigilant against false prophets coming to teach a different doctrine.

This is in fact the fulfillment of the heresy of ecumenism which states that the Church was not made complete and in its fulness from the beginning, but it has been rather “evolving” towards the third age of the Holy Spirit as defined early in Catholicism starting with Joachim of Fiore (+1202) – and mainstream Orthodoxy is joining it!


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