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The Migrants Crisis

There is a war going on in the Middle East, but nobody knows for sure who the enemy is, yet it has produced the biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII already. There are many indications, as we pointed out before, that ISIS is in fact a covert Western operation, meant to serve the purpose of advancing of a specific agenda. The current crisis should not be that surprising after all since ISIS admitted months ago that their plan was to flood Europe with migrants:


The question that should rather be asked is who benefits from this and how? Upon closer examination, we can identify much of the same blueprints for a master plan of “unity in face of iniquity” we wrote about in many of our articles. One of the main “beneficiaries” taking advantage of this crisis seems to be The Pope himself, who has recently given this piece of advice to believers:


On the surface this seems like an act of compassion meant to resonate with all of us, but in reality it is a very clever subliminal attempt meant to reach straight to our hearts, thus avoiding triggering all the alarm bells inside – it is a very sophisticated attempt to bring our spiritual guard down – who can after all see the Pope hugging a little child and not be moved with compassion?

In building up his argument for the proposed solution (to which we will get to in a minute), the Pope touches on all the key points that form the backbone of his new plan of saving the humanity from poverty and injustice (also known as agenda 21), which he readies to present in front of the UN in a few days time:

“In his view, the crux of the problem is an unjust socioeconomic system that removes the human being from the center. Today’s dominant economic system “removes the person from the center, and at the center is the god of money, it’s the god in fashion today,” the Pope said, noting that this also affects both the political and ecological systems, and concludes that “humanity lacks the ability to welcome”.

And indeed, the humanity is facing ever increasing challenges and problems, not because it is naturally moving into that direction, but because there seem to be hidden forces at work in the world that are pushing it in that direction.

What is the solution that the Pope seems to try to suggest to us? “Open your homes to the migrants, all in the name of loving thy neighbor – the same reason we are given by many Orthodox Priests and Hierarchs today for opening our Churches to everyone, with no pre-conditions, and regardless of confession.

The Doctrine of the Orthodox Church has always been about protecting the Truth of Christ first and foremost. Our Holy Fathers have always been quite clear, and our Holy Seven Ecumenical Synods have defined very clearly the limits within which the Church can operate in order to protect Herself from inviting the enemy in – most of the Canons are about this purpose alone. The Holy Church has always taught us the hierarchy of love: we ought to first love God most, then our brethren (those of the same faith), and then our neighbor (those of a different faith), in this particular order. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us how we are to love our neighbor by giving us the Parable of the Good Samaritan, who passing by and seeing the wounded man lying half dead, not knowing much about him or his faith, chose to take him to an inn and pay for his care, rather than taking him to his own home. Why? Being a parable, it would had been just as easy to say “the Samaritan, seeing the man half dead, took him to his home and took care of him”, but instead he chose to take the wounded man to an inn and pay for his care. This is important because when trying to help those of a different faith we need to exercise care and avoid putting our own spiritual house in danger. That is why The Orthodox Church has strict rules about accepting those of a different faith to partake into Her Mysteries, unless they get baptized and become of the same faith. The same applies to the Little Church – the family!

But what is the Pope asking you to do? Is he not requesting you just to let this guard down and take all those of a different faith into your very own Homes and Churches without questioning, especially when it is presented as an act of repentance for a sin (that of refraining from having children)?

What they constantly fail to really tell you is that the majority of the refugees are men, but the corrupt media only reports what falls in line with the big lie they help promote. It starts to become very clear that these mounting problems are being created just to directly target the very depths of man’s unguarded mind and soul (created in the Image and Likeness of God) in order to inject it with a false doctrine – that of a “universal faith” being brought about through “unity in face of iniquity”.

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