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World News – Oct 29th 2013

We are loosing our kids! They are not only venerating satanists like Kayne West, but they are also being indoctrinated in schools: school test teaches kids: “commands of government officials must be obeyed by all”. What started in Russia has indeed already come to America and the West.

EU to start monitoring “intolerant” citizens: “Faith-based groups and schools, adherents of a particular religion or even just parents who want to teach their children certain moral values would all be put under general suspicion of being intolerant”. This certainly makes sense when looked at in the context of what Pope Francis said the other day, doesn’t it? The political, religious and all social forces are all mobilising for the same goal: Christian Communism. It is no wonder that we happened to hear what an orthodox priest said the other day when Blessed Iustin Parvu’s name was mentioned: “he was a radical”.

Sebelius: “I don’t work for the people”. Who do they work for then?

Stunning: The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

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