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“The Deal”

Greece has apparently reached a “deal”. A far worse deal than anyone could have imagined, much worse than troika’s initial “offer”. How did we get here? It is a complete plundering of a nation. Not only has Mr Tsipras failed to secure “a better negotiating position” by encouraging a “NO” vote at the referendum, but he has also managed to forfeit a vast amount of Greece’s national assets just to get a new bailout. It certainly looks like a setup, as we have stated before.

“Perhaps the toughest condition for Tsipras to swallow was Germany’s insistence that Greek state assets worth up to 50 billion euros be placed in a trust fund beyond government reach to be sold off with proceeds going directly to pay down debt.”


The circumstances under which the new deal was pushed through are very familiar – they are the same as those under which various important pieces of legislation were pushed through in the US with, like the Stimulus Bill, Obamacare, etc: push everyone to the limit until they just give in, make all decisions in a haste and get everyone to vote before the reality sets in. The EU now wants the Greek Parliament to urgently vote in support of the deal, stressing it is imperative they vote now, or else … Same old tactic of intimidation and terror.

How long is this charade going to go for? The intended result, as we have shown before, is to push all nations, all peoples, to the point of total desperation, so that as soon as a liberator appears, everyone flocks to him – Liberation Theology at work.

In the meantime the banks in Greece shall maintain their capital controls and cash withdrawals limits for weeks or months to come. The ordinary Greek will be worse off and unable to access their lifetime savings, or pensions. What kind of hope is there left other than a true repentance and a genuine return to True Orthodoxy and to Christ, the comforter of the poor, the provider of all good things?

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