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A “message of salvation” from the Antichrist?

We have just come across an interview with Karen Hudes, of whom we have only recently heard, talking about how a solution to all of humanity’s problems exists out there, only if the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians would not oppose it… How wonderful! The problem, as she describes it, are the current political and financial powers preventing humanity’s full self-realization and thus keeping it back from awakening to a completely new and fulfilling society, free from all earthly worries, living in perfect harmony and abundance. Wow!

Let’s summarize some of the points she is making:

– there is a huge stash of gold hidden somewhere that belongs to no particular person, group, bank or nation, but belongs to the whole of humanity !
– the amount of gold is in the hundreds of thousands of tons worldwide !
– the gold was “offered” to the US to back their currency but they refused
– the powers that be prefer to drive the current financial system to collapse and the humanity to its greatest crisis, rather than accepting this “offer”
– there is a gentleman named Wolfgang Struck who inherited the signatory rights on the Global Collateral Account which supposedly holds this wealth on behalf of the Humanity

So according to this World Bank whistle-blower, there is a “force of good” behind the scenes which is actually fighting the most-powerful cabal that is trying to hold the whole world hostage out of greed and lust for power. Who kept this great wealth out of the reach of the greedy bankers throughout so many centuries? And who is that who is in the position to make it available for the purpose of “saving humanity”?

Our Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church have warned us on many occasions that the Antichrist will come as a liberator who will bring about universal peace and unseen prosperity, an earthly paradise. Orthodoxy teaches that these chiliastic visions are utopian at best and meant to deceive.

If in fact what Karen says is true in any way, that would only help explain how the coming antichrist will be able to offer such a solution that will be accepted by everyone without hesitation. Listen to what she is saying, it is all about humanity, humanity, humanity, through its own powers, coming out of the whole mess and defending the forces of darkness. Where is Christ in all this? What about repentance? Nothing whatsoever …

Only that the greedy bankers will not give in just that easily and we are afraid the worst is yet to come …

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