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Liberation Theology and Marxism

The Pope comes out again condemning capitalism and calling for “redistribution of wealth”, defending his call by saying the Church has been involved with helping the poor since the beginning.

There is enormous confusion in today’s Christianity about the role of true Christianity in society. Let us examine what is really the nature of Christian charity and what its limits should be.

Before we begin it is very important to reveal the importance of free-will in gaining one’s salvation. Free-will is the most important feature God gave man that makes him resemble God in His image and likeness. Nothing else is more important. Man has to gain his own salvation through heeding to his inner conscience (God’s voice in man) and using his free-will to action upon hearing it.

The determination of choosing the boundaries of any charitable activity in the Church should be the criteria of whether it preserves or destroys the free-will in man. In Orthodox tradition this activity of helping the poor is limited to the Church itself creating her own programs of helping the poor through orphanages, houses for the poor and other means, with the participation of the right-believing who do this activity out of free-will and based on their own conscience, together as one – the Living Church. But when one is trying to institutionalize this and implement it through a political system meant to force it upon everyone, against people’s free-will, that is Marxism, or Liberation Theology.

Take for example the situation of a rich person. The Truth of the Orthodox gospel teaches that it is very hard for such a person to gain salvation due his/her attachement to and constant pursuit of earthly possessions which they put before the love of God and others, but the gospel teaches that such a person can use his/her wealth for helping others through his/her own will, and not forced upon by somebody else. Anything beyond that is non-Christian.

Free-will should not be mistaken with freedom. Free-will together with conscience are the two aspects of the image and likeness of God in man, his soul. Freedom is a gift, a blessing from God.

A man can not save his soul unless he does the good deeds out of his own free will, coming from his God given conscience and not imposed from outside. God will judge man based on his own actions, coming from inside as a result of the manifestation of the image and likeness of God in man – his free will to choose good over evil, to choose repentance over sin. The right choices man makes on these bases are soul healing and bring heavenly peace upon man’s soul – the man becomes appeased with himself and God! On the contrary, decisions forced upon one’s soul from outside have adverse effects and do not address the inner conscience problems but it only forces the soul and the free will of man to bow down to an external force. This does not have a soul healing effect. That is not Christianity. That is Marxism. When done through a political system, the free will aspect is taken away. Man can no longer choose to be part of the Church and be in the image and likeness of God out of free-will, but it is forced upon himself from outside. If such a social gospel program means redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor through a political system by, for example, “taxing the rich”, that superseeds the free will in man to do charitable activity based on his own conscience. That is heresy, that is Spiritual Communism.

It is extremly important to understand these aspects of the Faith because World Orthodoxy is also taking upon a greater and greater role in preaching of this form of heretical social gospel!

Beware, said our Lord Jesus Christ, be not afraid of those that kill your body and can’t touch your soul, but those that kill your soul – your conscience and your free-will!


The article says:
Pope Francis said the Catholic Church has been caring and protecting the poor since its beginning some 2,000 years ago, hence long before Communism, as the pontiff took another swipe at today’s economic systems. “This attention for the poor is in the Gospel and in the tradition of the Church, it isn’t an invention of Communism and it shouldn’t be ideologized“.

In other words he is basically saying “just trust what i am saying”, we have been doing this for a long time, and don’t dispute it (don’t ideologize).

He is right, the Catholic Church has been promoting this false doctrine for a long time.

Beware therefore of those that try to kill your soul, first the conscience and then the free-will. And how do they kill someone’s conscience? By teaching him that sin is blessing! One needs not look farther than what’s on TV to see how conscience is killed in man – look at all the pornography, homosexuality and all the other depravations promoted by the mass media. First they kill the conscience and then they come for the free-will. The Holy Fathers often spoke about how in the end times Satan will be allowed to completly destroy man’s soul. The mark of the beast will be the final choice by which man signs his free will away, after which point it will be imposible to recover.

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